Protective Clothing - Gloves
Protective Clothing - Gloves
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BRG10035 - Seattle Safety Spectacles Clear BBSS
Seattle Safety Spectacles Clear BBSS. Capable of surviving the impact of a 6mm steel ball travelling at 45m/s. Conforms to EN166 1F. Fits over most prescription glasses.
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BRG10032 - Kansas Anti-Mist Safety Spectacles Clear BBKS
Kansas Anti-Mist Safety Spectacles Clear BBKS. Scratch resistant and anti-fog polycarbonate glasses designed to British Standard EN1666 1F. Lightweight design. Provides panoramic vision.
€7.54 €3.95 + VAT
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3M30203 - 3M Sealed Safety Goggles Clear 2890S UV Protection DE272934055
3M 2890S Safety Goggles. Sealed safety goggles with polycarbonate lenses provide protection against liquids dust gases and vapours. Features anti scratch feature and UV protection. Ideal for construction and laboratories.
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