Avery Address Lables - Other
Avery Address Lables - Other
AV96436 - Avery Create Your Own Reward Stickers Round 40mm (192 Pack) E3613
Write or print your own personalised messages tailoring each sticker to a particular individual. Round Shaped Stickers. Suitable for Laser and Inkjet printers.
€10.97 €8.01 + VAT
Save 26.98%
AVL7651 - Avery White Mini Laser Labels 38.1 x 21.2mm (1625 Pack) L7651-25
Avery Laser Mini Label. Ideal for small item labelling bar-coding etc. Easy to format using popular software packages. Suitable for use in most mono laser printers. Label Size: 38.1x21.2mm (65 per sheet). Colour - White.
€36.36 €23.71 + VAT
Save 34.79%
AV00039 - Avery Laser Mini Labels 46mmx11.1mm 84 Per Sheet White (8400 Pack) L7656-100
Avery Laser Mini Labels. QuickPEEL technology for tearing down the perforated divide or removing them from the sheet in one swift motion. Pack contains 8400 labels with 100 sheets and 84 on each sheet. Size: 46mmx11.1mm. Colour: White
€74.36 €44.45 + VAT
Save 40.22%
SP-323887 - Avery Anti-Tamper Labels Laser 48 per Sheet 45.7x21.2mm White Ref L6113-20 [960 Labels]
Protect against unwanted interference. Deter unwanted interference and protect your property. Any tampering is immediately obvious; the labels leave a message reading \'STOP\' when removed and cannot be reapplied. Ideal for: Sealing PC\'s, machines and electronic equipment, Deterring intruders when used on doors, switches and containers, Securing CD jewel cases for privacy. Oil and dirt resistant, splash proof, tear proof, temperature resistant. Easy and quick to use with FREE Avery Wizard software for Microsoft Office. 45.7x21.2mm Ref L6113-20 [960 Labels].
€79.68 €41.50 + VAT
Save 47.92%
SP-164190 - Avery Parcel Labels Weatherproof Laser 8 per Sheet 99.1x67.7mm White Ref L7993-25 [200 Labels]
Label stays intact in all conditions. Strong and durable polyester shipping labels capable of withstanding harsh conditions. No smudging, the address remains easy to read. Water and dirt resistant, tear-proof, UV and temperature resistant. Designed for use on any packaging material including polythene or Tyvek envelopes. 8 labels per sheet, 25 Sheets per box [200 labels]. Label Size: 99.1x67.7mm.
€85.08 €61.26 + VAT
Save 28.00%
AV04916 - Avery Weatherproof Shipping Label 99.1x139mm 4 Per Sheet White (100 Pack) L7994-25
Avery Weatherproof Shipping Label. Made from extremely durable polyester. For use with laser printers on a variety of packing materials. Pack contains 25 A4 sheets, with 4 labels per sheet (100 labels in total). Label size: 99.1x139mm. Colour: White.
€92.62 €55.34 + VAT
Save 40.25%
SP-703618 - Avery NoPeel Labels Tamper-proof Durable 40 per Sheet 45.7x25.4mm White Ref L6145-20 [800 Labels]
Protect your assets. Protect your property with these unique Nopeel and tamperproof labels. Use whenever extra security is required, e.g. for property labelling, security and safety labelling. Oil, dirt, UV and temperature resistant, waterproof and tearproof. Easy and quick to use, FREE Avery Wizard software for Microsoft Office. Size: 45.7x25.4mm. White. 40 labels per sheet. 800 labels per box.
€105.02 €55.13 + VAT
Save 47.51%