Photo Paper - A4
Photo Paper - A4
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CO17483 - Canon A4 Matte Photo Paper 170gsm (50 Pack) MP-101 A4
Matte photo paper for stylish prints. Ink is absorbed quickly to ensure precision. Durable 170gsm paper weight. Gives colours a rich and vivid finish. Format: A4 (210 x 297mm). Pack of 50 sheets.
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CO29392 - Canon A4 Glossy Photo Paper 200gsm (100 Pack) 0775B001
Everyday Use Glossy Photo Paper - GP-501. High quality glossy paper ideal for everyday printing enhanced photo quality digital prints at both home and work. Weight - 200gsm. Colour - White. Size - A4.
€50.90 €27.62 + VAT
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CO40537 - Canon Photo Paper Plus Semi-Gloss A4 260gsm (20 Pack) 1686B021
Canon semi-gloss paper SG-201 A4. Satin finish with a texture of real photographic paper. Produces brilliant photographs with a reduced gloss for a softer finish.
€28.02 €16.83 + VAT
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CO53726 - Canon A4 Photo Paper Plus Glossy 260gsm (20 Pack) 2311B019
Canon PP-201 photo paper plus glossy II. High quality heavyweight paper with authentic photo look and feel. Suitable for high image quality digital photos and reprints. 260gsm. Size: A4.
€25.79 €15.83 + VAT
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CO84399 - Canon Photo Paper Pro Luster A4 260gsm (20 Pack) 6211B006
Photo Paper Pro Lustre has a beautiful lustre finish for great colour saturation. Lustre finish provides an elegant surface that resists fingerprints and virtually eliminates glare. Perfect for portrait and wedding and fine art photography.
€36.84 €22.76 + VAT
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EP14402 - Epson White Photo A4 Inkjet Paper 102gsm (100 Pack) C13S041061
S041061 Photo Quality Inkjet Paper. Pure White 14400dpi matt paper that optimises resolution output ensuring photo-real colour quality printing. This paper is ideal for memos business letters newsletters and reports. 102 gsm. Pack 100.
€33.10 €18.80 + VAT
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EP41106 - Epson White Photo Paper Self-Adhesive 167gsm (Pack of 10) C13S041106
Epson SO41106 Self adhesive pure White matt coated A4 paper. Prints up to 1440 dpi. Particularly suitable for posters and childrens book covers. 167gsm. Pack 10.
€31.00 €15.83 + VAT
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EP41256 - Epson Matte White A4 Heavyweight Paper 167gsm (50 Pack) C13S041256
Epson SO41256 Heavy Weight A4 Matt Paper. The ideal paper to produce high quality photographs and images with a matt photo like finish. The matt coating ensures colour production is vivid with extra clarity for minimal reflection. 167gsm. Pack 50.
€33.10 €17.81 + VAT
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EP41287 - Epson Premium Glossy A4 Photo Paper (20 Pack) C13S041287
Paper for quality photo printing. Glossy coating for vibrant colours. Quality 255gsm paper stock. Suitable for use with inkjet printers. Works best with genuine Epson ink. Size: A4 (297x210mm). Pack of 20 sheets.
€44.69 €27.03 + VAT
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EP41332 - Epson A4 Premium Semi-Gloss Photo Paper (20 Pack) C13S041332
Epson S041332 Premium Semi-Gloss Photo Paper A4 for use with the Stylus Photo 2000P. Pack 20. 251gsm.
€41.33 €22.76 + VAT
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EP41342 - Epson A4 Archival Matte Paper (50 Pack) C13S041342
Epson S041342 Archival Matte Paper A4 for use with Stylus Colour C80/Photo 2000P/Pro 5500. Pack 50 sheets. 192gsm.
€41.33 €28.61 + VAT
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EP41569 - Epson A4 Double Sided Matte Photo Paper (50 Pack) C13S041569
Quality clean and clear paper. Provides a smooth and clear surface for printing. 178gsm paper for lasting quality. Double sided for convenience. Size: A4 (210x297mm). Pack of 50 sheets.
€45.49 €23.75 + VAT
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EP41624 - Epson Premium Glossy A4 Photo Paper (50 Pack) C13S041624
Epson Premium Glossy Photo Paper SO41624. A new photographic media which features a new resin coating that provides a feel and texture almost identical to that of traditional photographs. Size: A4. Colour - White. 255gsm. Pack 50.
€81.73 €46.43 + VAT
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EP41927 - Epson Ultra Glossy Photo A4 Paper (Pack of 15) C13S041927
Epson S041927 ultra glossy photo paper A4. Epsons glossiest photo printing paper. With increased whiteness opacity and rigidity. The industry leading high gloss super smooth surface offers true photographic quality that lasts for years. 300gsm.
€43.43 €22.76 + VAT
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EP52943 - Epson Glossy A4 Photo Paper 200gsm (20 Pack) C13S042538
Epson Photo Paper Glossy A4 200gsm. Suitable for all inkjet printers. Ideal for everyday home printing. Pack 20. OEM: C13S042538. Non returnable.
€24.58 €15.83 + VAT
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EP52949 - Epson Photo Paper Glossy 10x15cm 200gsm (50 Pack) C13S042547
Epson Photo Paper Glossy 10 x 15cm 200gsm. Suitable for all inkjet printers. Ideal for everyday home printing. Pack 50. OEM: C13S042547. Non returnable.
€19.62 €11.34 + VAT
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EP64557 - Epson Double-sided Photo Quality Inkjet Paper A4 50 Sheets C13S400059
Epson Double-sided Photo Quality Inkjet Paper A4 50 Sheets C13S400059. Quality photo paper for general office use. 140 gsm quality photo paper. Matte surface for increased detail without glare. Pack of 50 sheets.
€23.37 €18.93 + VAT
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HPCG965A - HP White A4 Enhanced Business Paper 150gsm (150 Pack) CG965A
HP Enhanced Business Paper. Produces impressive brochures, flyers and marketing materials. ideal for creating standout glossy prints without leaving the office. Colour: White. 150gsm. Size: A4. Pack of 150 sheets. OEM: CG965A.
€45.48 €22.93 + VAT
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HPCR673A - HP White A4 Premium Semi-Glossy Photo Paper (20 Pack) CR673A
HP Premium Plus Semi-gloss Photo Paper. For use in all inkjet printers. Optimised for HP print systems to deliver outstanding print quality. Provides smudge-free water resistant instant-dry photos that last. Size: A4. Weight 300gsm. OEM: CR673A.
€37.35 €18.80 + VAT
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HPQ5456A - HP White A4 Advanced Glossy Photo Paper 250gsm (25 Pack) Q5456A
HP Advanced Glossy Photo Paper Q5456A. Instant-dry photo paper ensuring a professional finish providing vivid true colours resistant to water smears fingerprints and humidity. For most inkjet printers. Size - A4. Weight - 250gsm. OEM: Q5456A.
€33.25 €16.82 + VAT
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KF01103 - Q-Connect A4 Gloss Photo Paper 180gsm (20 Pack) KF01103
Q-Connect Photo Glossy 180gsm Inkjet Paper. A4 sheets of quality inkjet paper with a high gloss coating on one side, for photographic image reproduction and a matt reverse for text, ideal for creating customised calendars etc.
€70.83 €4.45 + VAT
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KF01935 - Q-Connect White A4 Soft Gloss Photo Paper 210gsm (100 Pack) KF01935
Q-Connect A4 semi gloss colour laser paper. Bright white laser paper coated both sides provides excellent colour saturation print resolution and high quality output. Provides superb smudge and fade resistance. 210 gsm.
€134.52 €13.85 + VAT
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KF02163 - Q-Connect White A4 High Gloss Photo Paper 260gsm (20 Pack) KF02163
Q-Connect High Gloss A4 Photo Paper. Heavyweight high gloss paper that produces a professional photographic look and feel. Compatible with all inkjet printers. Weight - 260gsm. Colour - White.
€139.12 €9.36 + VAT
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KF02771 - Q-Connect A4 Gloss Photo Paper 180gsm (50 Pack) KF02771
Q-Connect A4 photo gloss paper 180gsm. Instant dry inkjet photo paper suitable for use in all inkjet printers fast drying fade resistant smear resistant inkjet receptive coating on one side. Can print text on the back.
€117.57 €14.84 + VAT
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