Heaters - Oil
Heaters - Oil
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HID52956 - 500W Six Fin Baby Oil-Filled Radiator White CRHOF320/H
500W Six Fin Oil Filled Radiator. Free standing radiator with variable thermostat control, overheat safety cut out and integrated handle.
€182.30 €55.34 + VAT
Save 69.64%
HID52654 - 1.5kW Oil-Filled Radiator White CRHOFSL7/H 42690
1.5kW 9 fin oil filled radiator. Features variable thermostat for constant room temperature. 3 heat options and overheating shut off protection. Heats a poorly insulated 15sqm room or an 18sqm well insulated room. Colour: White.
€294.08 €87.02 + VAT
Save 70.41%
HID60149 - Oil Filled Radiator 2kW Timer Control White CR2T
Oil Filled Radiator 2kW Timer Control White. Nine fin design on wheel castors for maneouvrability. Includes a variable thermostat and timer control.
€367.33 €89.99 + VAT
Save 75.50%