Sanitary Dispensers - Roll
Sanitary Dispensers - Roll
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2W06438 - 2Work Micro Twin Toilet Roll Dispenser 2W06438
2Work Twin dispenser. Holds 2 toilet rolls at once. Use with 2Work Micro Twin toilet rolls. Translucent design and compact size. Lockable for security. Dimensions W326xD121xH193mm
€58.85 €33.56 + VAT
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2W06439 - 2Work Micro Twin 2-Ply Toilet Roll 125m (24 Pack) 2W06439
Micro Twin toilet roll for use with 2Work Versa Twin dispenser. White 2-Ply 125m compact rolls need replacing less often. 24 rolls per pack.
€77.74 €43.46 + VAT
Save 44.10%
AU00482 - Wypall Centrefeed Wiper Roll Dispenser 7017
Cost effective centrefeed system. Smooth water resistant dispenser. Designed for fixing to most surfaces even onto pipe work.
€57.35 €56.26 + VAT
Save 1.90%
AU00968 - Kleenex Facial Tissues Cube 90 Sheets (12 Pack) 8834
Kleenex Facial Tissue Cube. Ideal for both home and office use. Each box contains 90 soft absorbent white 2-ply tissues.
€54.73 €33.56 + VAT
Save 38.68%
CPD01621 - Fiesta White Jumbo Kitchen Roll 600 Sheets 5604400
Fiesta jumbo kitchen roll with extra long sheets that re strong and absorbent. 600 sheets per roll. Ideal for mopping up spills.
€7.62 €7.46 + VAT
Save 2.10%
CPD11210 - 2Work Facial Tissues Box 100 Sheets (36 Pack) KMAX10011
2Work Facial tissues for increased hygiene. Prevents the spread of disease. Handy box design provides easy access. Soft enough for sensitive skin. Ideal for desk and communal use. Size: 210x190mm. Contains 100 tissues per box. Pack of 36 boxes.
€50.82 €32.57 + VAT
Save 35.91%
CPD43612 - 2Work Twin Toilet Roll Dispenser KMON503
Toilet paper easily dispensed and restocked. Easy wipe clean unit. Keeps toilet rolls in order and tidy. Holds two toilet rolls at a time. Ideal for office and public toilets. Provides excellent value for money. Colour: White.
€39.10 €21.73 + VAT
Save 44.42%
CPD97304 - 2Work Bulk Pack Toilet Tissue Dispenser MON119
Dispenser for bulk pack toilet tissue. Makes it easy to replenish stock. Wall mountable for easy access. Wipes clean easily. Great for public toilets and washrooms. For use with 2Work and most standard bulk pack toilet tissue. Colour: White.
€29.61 €16.78 + VAT
Save 43.33%
CT34014 - 2Work Mini Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser DS924E
Convenient dispenser for mini jumbo toilet rolls. Allows easy flowing access to paper. Keeps your contents hygienic and protected from damage. For use with 2Work or any standard mini jumbo toilet rolls. Colour: White.
€36.19 €18.76 + VAT
Save 48.16%
CT34025 - 2Work Standard Jumbo Toilet Roll Dispenser DS925E
Convenient dispenser for jumbo toilet rolls. Allows easy flowing access to toilet tissue. Keeps contents secure and more hygienic. Perfect for promoting hygiene in your workplace or home. Suitable for 2Work and most standard jumbo rolls. Colour: White.
€47.40 €27.62 + VAT
Save 41.73%
CT34038 - 2Work Lockable Centrefeed Hand Towel Dispenser DS922E
Dispenser for centrefeed rolls. Allows easy flowing access to towels. Keeps contents hygienic. Perfect for promoting hygiene in your workplace or home. Use with 2Work centrefeed rolls. 350x230x235mm. White.
€53.17 €27.62 + VAT
Save 48.05%
CT34069 - 2Work Hand Towel Dispenser DS923E
Dispenser for hand towels. Can be restocked with single multi and C-fold hand towels. Dimensions: 425x290x145mm. Colour: White. Lockable with plastic key provided.
€44.27 €21.73 + VAT
Save 50.91%
CT34083 - 2Work Mini Centrefeed Hand Towel Dispenser DS9220
Dispenser for mini centrefeed rolls. Allows easy flowing access to sheets dispensed one at a time. Can be restocked with 2Work Mini Centrefeed Rolls. Small size is perfect for size conscious workplaces. Dimensions: 330x180x175mm. White
€49.35 €25.64 + VAT
Save 48.04%
CT34137 - 2Work 2-Ply Forecourt Roll 400m Blue (2 Pack) B2B340
Economical 2-ply bumper roll has 1000 sheets per roll. Excellent absorption for spills hands and general cleaning. 270mmx400m Blue.
(Pack 2)
€67.15 €30.59 + VAT
Save 54.45%
CT73665 - 2Work Kitchen Roll White (24 Pack) KR0024
2Work Rolls for kitchen use. Highly absorbent texture. Ideal for mopping up spills. Bright white colouring. Supplied in 12 packs of 2 (24 rolls total).
€33.90 €12.82 + VAT
Save 62.18%
KC00743 - Wypall L10 Mini Centrefeed Dispenser 7905
Wypall mini centrefeed dispenser. For areas with limited space. Ideal for placement in handwash areas. Maintains hygiene of centrefeed rolls. For use with Wypall mini centrefeed rolls (available separately). Dimensions: 165x320x170mm (WxDxH).
€69.31 €67.22 + VAT
Save 3.02%
KC01197 - Aquarius Folded Hand Towel Dispenser White 6945
Stylish ripple metal hand towel dispenser. Supplied complete with fixings. For refills see KC01092 (3-ply) KC01095 (2-ply) and KC01950 (1-ply).
€41.51 €29.60 + VAT
Save 28.69%
KC01203 - Aquarius Ripple Midi Jumbo Non-Stop Toilet Tissue Dispenser White 6991
Tough lockable toilet roll dispenser encloses rolls against dirt and damp keeping wash rooms neat and clean. For use with Scott and Kleenex Midi Jumbo Toilet Rolls.
€42.60 €35.29 + VAT
Save 17.16%
NH73619 - Leonardo Versatwin Toilet Roll Dispenser Blue DSTA06
Leonardo Versatwin Toilet Roll Dispenser Blue DSTA06. Ideal for use in high traffic washrooms. Fully encloses to improve hygiene. Capacity of 360m 1-ply or 250m 2-ply.
€47.32 €46.41 + VAT
Save 1.92%
SCA00703 - Tork Reflex M4 Centrefeed Dispenser Turquoise 473180
Tork LP Reflex Dispenser Turquoise. Only one hand is needed to dispenser a sheet. Single sheet dispensing helps reduce consumption
€58.40 €42.47 + VAT
Save 27.28%
SCA01738 - Tork T7 Coreless Mid-Size Toilet Paper Dispenser Blue 558040
Tork Next Turn Complete System Dispenser Blue Plastic. No core to be used and left lying around. Enables 2 rolls to be available in the next turn dispenser at all times.
€52.64 €32.77 + VAT
Save 37.75%
SCA35482 - Tork T3 Folded Toilet Tissue Dispenser White 556000
Tork T3 Folded Toilet Tissue Dispenser White 556000. For use with T3 refills. Sheet by sheet dispensing for increased hygiene and reduced wastage. Easy to refill.
€48.72 €47.78 + VAT
Save 1.93%
SCA38212 - Tork T6 Twin Mid-Size Toilet Roll Dispenser White 557500
Accepts two Tork Mid-Size Toilet Rolls Empty cores remain in dispenser so no waste on the floor Attractive leaf patterned toilet paper High Capacity compact system with a back-up roll which automatically replaced the first roll when finished
€47.70 €46.80 + VAT
Save 1.89%
SOF91381 - Papernet Special Toilet Roll 2-Ply 210 Sheets 411381
Papernet Special Toilet Roll 2 Ply 210 Sheets 411381
€34.03 €28.61 + VAT
Save 15.93%
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