Clipboards - A3 Size
Clipboards - A3 Size
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HT00255 - Rapesco Heavy Duty Clipboard A3 Blue 1136
Rapesco Heavy Duty Clipboard. A3 size clipboard for larger papers. High capacity heavy duty clip complete with hanging hole hook. Blue.
€40.71 €9.85 + VAT
Save 75.80%
KF01305 - Q-Connect Masonite Clipboard A3 KF01305
Q-Connect Masonite Clipboards. Manufactured from strong Brown hardboard with a glazed front to provide a smooth writing surface. Heavy duty clip ensures that papers are held secure. Suitable for papers up to A3 size.
€43.16 €3.95 + VAT
Save 90.85%
SP-913691 - 5 Star Office Clipboard Rigid Hardboard A3
Rigid hardboard clipboard. Size: A3.
€24.24 €6.43 + VAT
Save 73.47%