Drinks Dispensers - Thermos
Drinks Dispensers - Thermos
SP-166546 - Addis Pump Pot Vacuum Jug Stainless Steel Retains Heat 8 Hours 3.8 Litres
Pump vacuum jug with stainless steel interior. Keeps drinks hot for up to 6 hours. Ideal for meetings/hospitality functions due to its large capacity. 3.8 litre capacity.
€90.63 €76.13 + VAT
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AG15772 - Addis Chrome President Pump Pot Vacuum Jug 2 Litre 637201600
Addis President Pump Pot. Stylish chrome pump pot with swing handle for easy carrying. Ideal for retaining the temperature of hot or cold beverages for up to eight hours. Capacity 2 litres.
€129.55 €59.30 + VAT
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AG06509 - Addis Chrome President Pump Pot Vacuum Jug 3 Litre 517465
Addis President Pump Pot. 3 Litre pump pot with stainless steel chrome design manufactured to high standards of engineering and styling. Features swing handle.
€146.33 €63.26 + VAT
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