Perforators - 4 Hole
Perforators - 4 Hole
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HT02506 - Rapesco ALU 40 Heavy Duty 4 Hole Punch White 1324
Rapesco ALU 40 Heavy Duty 4 Hole Punch Chrome and White
€136.36 €78.11 + VAT
Save 42.72%
HT4400 - Rapesco 4400 Heavy Duty 4 Hole Punch PF4400P1
High capacity 4-hole punch. Hollow drill punch technology and large capacity paper chip chambers. Replaceable punches and boards. Punching capacity up to 140 sheets (80gsm).
€691.40 €227.65 + VAT
Save 67.07%
KF01238 - Q-Connect 4 Hole Punch Black KF01238
Q-Connect Fixed 4-Hole Perforator. 4 hole desk punch with standard 8cmx8cmx8cm spacing. Features include an integrated paper guide for accurate punching. Paper capacity - 16 sheets of 80gsm.
€52.07 €8.86 + VAT
Save 82.98%
RX02113 - Rexel V412 4 Hole Punch Black 08309
Economy four hole punch ideal for low capacity use. 12 sheet capacity of 80gsm paper supplied with confetti tray and paper guide. Colour - Black.
€41.58 €22.72 + VAT
Save 45.36%
RX11640 - Rexel Precision P425 4 Hole Punch Silver/Black 2100753
Rexel 4-Hole Perforator - P425. Premium robust all-metal punch ideal for general office use. Innovative stylish design incorporating ergonomic features. Punching capacity - 15 sheets of 80gsm paper. Colour - Silver/Black.
€83.54 €39.50 + VAT
Save 52.72%
RX29316 - Rexel Easy Touch Hole Punch Black/Grey 2102575
Rexel Easy Touch Paper Punch. Effortless paper punching with 50 percent less force. Features durable metal construction with rubberised handle cover and base. Handle hold down feature. Hinged paper chip hatch and paper guide. 30 sheet capacity.
€57.43 €38.51 + VAT
Save 32.94%
SP-126616 - Rexel HD4150 Ultra Heavy Duty 4 Hole Punch Capacity 150 Sheets Adjustable Depth Gauge 9-17 mm Ref 2101235
Robust metal construction for durability. Locking metal paper guide activated by a push button. Increased lever force and hollow punch pin technology for comfortable punching. Clear confetti traps simply slide up to empty. Adjustable depth gauge for varying margin (9-17 mm). Punched holes Ø 6 mm , 4 hole punching.
€551.75 €306.41 + VAT
Save 44.47%
SP-138961 - Rapid FC20 4-Hole Punch Capacity 20x 80gsm Sheets Black Ref 20922801
Four-hole punch for reports and filing. Paper positioning guide. Capacity: 20 sheets of 80gsm paper.
€51.17 €36.53 + VAT
Save 28.61%
SP-754804 - Rexel P425 Punch 4-Hole Metal with Nameplate Capacity 25x 80gsm Blue and Silver Ref 2100754
Unique paper alignment indicator, which guarantees accurate punch positioning. Personalised nameplate. Easy to empty hinged confetti hatch. Integrated handle lock-down feature. Robust metal construction. 5 Year Guarantee. Capacity: 25 sheets of 80gsm paper. Blue and Silver.
€76.59 €30.49 + VAT
Save 60.19%
SP-918575 - 5 Star Office Punch 4-Hole Metal with Plastic Base Capacity 16x 80gsm Black
Standard office hole punch. Non-slip plastic base. Adjustable paper guide. 5 year guarantee. Capacity: 16 sheets of 80gsm paper.
€80.24 €11.75 + VAT
Save 85.36%
SP-937038 - 5 Star Office Punch Metal 4-Hole Capacity 25x 80gsm Black
4 Hole. 25 sheet capacity. Colour: Black. Non-slip plastic base for easy and effective use. Adjustable paper guide. 1 year guarantee. Capacity: 25 sheets of 80gsm paper.
€105.94 €40.71 + VAT
Save 61.57%
SP-937041 - 5 Star Office Power Punch Plastic 4 Hole Heavy Duty Large Chamber 160x 80gsm Black/Silver
160 sheet capacity using \'hollow drill\' technology. Black with Silver handle. Stores paper chips in a large paper chamber. Made of recycled material (80%). 1 year guarantee.
€708.01 €262.90 + VAT
Save 62.87%
SP-536250 - Rapesco 75P Punch 4-Hole ABS-top Capacity 16x 80gsm Black Ref PF75P0B1
Tough metal construction for increased durability and stability. Standard 4-hole spacing, ideal for use in ring binders. Neat flip-open confetti tray for easy emptying. Handle lock down for easy storage. 15 year guarantee.
€48.39 €37.65 + VAT
Save 22.19%