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Calculators - Printing Calculator
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CS09960 - Casio HR-8RCE Printing Calculator HR8 RCE
Casio HR-8RCE Printing Calculator Black HR8 RCE
€61.86 €51.38 + VAT
Save 16.94%
CS09967 - Casio HR-150RCE Printing Calculator HR150 RCE
Casio HR-150RCE Printing Calculator Black HR150 RCE
€82.50 €68.21 + VAT
Save 17.32%
CS09971 - Casio HR-200RCE Printing Calculator Desktop Black HR-200RCE-W-EC
Casio HR-200RCE Printing Calculator Desktop Black HR-200RCE-W-EC. Print Speed: 2.4 lps. Euro Conversion (3 Rates). Profit/Tax Calculation. Re-Print/Check/Correct Function. Compatible with 58mm paper printing rolls. 4xAA batteries. Size: 195x313x65mm.
€142.92 €75.14 + VAT
Save 47.43%
SH02366 - Sharp White 12-Digit Fluorescent Display Printing Calculator EL2607PGY
Sharp Desk Top Printing Calculator - EL-2607P. Mains powered heavy duty two colour printing calculator with a large 12-digit fluorescent display professional keyboard average function GT memory built-in GT MU and Tax functions.
€205.80 €109.43 + VAT
Save 46.83%
SH15942 - Sharp EL1501 Paperless Printing Calculator EL1501
Sharp EL1501 Paperless Printing Calculator EL1501. This paperless printing calculator is ideal for accountants and tax professionals. It is compact and battery operated, making it easy to move around between desks. It has a 12-digit, 5-line LCD display.
€169.19 €57.84 + VAT
Save 65.81%
SH79378 - Sharp Black EL-124AT Desktop Calculator EL124ATWH
Sharp Black EL-124AT Desktop Calculator (Pk 1) EL124ATWH 12 digital large LCD display. Save time with tax buttons: +Tax/ - Tax. Easy totals with GT key. 4 key memory. Easy to read tilt display to minimize glare.
€19.69 €13.81 + VAT
Save 29.86%
SH90054 - Sharp Printing Calculator EL1750V
Sharp Printing Calculator EL1750V. Large 12 digit LCD display capable of fast 2 colour printing in black or red. Dual powered by 4 x AA batteries or mains powered EA-28A power adapter sold separately.
€112.29 €62.27 + VAT
Save 44.55%
SP-906934 - 5 Star Office Desktop Printing Calculator 12 Digit Display 2 Colour Print 2.7 Lines/Sec 198x65x260mm Grey
12 digit display. 4 Key memory. LCD screen display. +/- sign change. Euro conversion. Includes a % Key. Decimal selector: A, 0, 2, 3, 4, F. 2.7 lines/second. Red/black ink printing. Roll size: 57x57mm. Mains powered. WxDxH: 198x260x65mm. Currency exchange key.
€256.87 €87.02 + VAT
Save 66.12%