Perforators - Other Holes
Perforators - Other Holes
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HT45468 - Rapesco Black Sole Single Hole Punch PF35A0G1
Rapesco Sole Single Hole Punch. Single Hole heavy duty punch ergonomically designed with metal paper chamber and working parts. Paper capacity is 23 sheets at a time punching a 6mm diameter hole. Colour - Black.
€27.97 €6.13 + VAT
Save 78.08%
SP-426764 - Rexel 420 Adjustable Punch Expandable with 4 Dies Capacity 30x 80gsm Black and Grey Ref 08909
Fully adjustable for most international hole formats. For non-standard punch sizes, such as US three-hole, Swedish four-hole, or six-hole diary punching. Heavy-duty aluminium die-cast construction. Supplied with four punch heads - a maximum of six can be used. Complete with adjustable paper measuring and fixed ruler. Fully adjustable punch, pins slide and screw into place. Replacement punch heads available. 2 year guarantee. Capacity: 30 sheets of 80gsm paper. Black handle.
€183.50 €77.43 + VAT
Save 57.80%
SP-937017 - 5 Star Elite Punch Metal Single 6mm Capacity 20x 80gsm Black
Single Hole. 20 sheet capacity. Colour Black. Features 6mm hole diameter. Metal paper chamber. Punches 20 sheets of 80gsm paper at once. 1 year guarantee.
€43.04 €15.08 + VAT
Save 64.96%
SP-937868 - 5 Star Office Single Hole Punch Chrome
5 Star Single Hole Punch. Chrome material. 6mm Hole Diameter. Traditional all-metal plier-type punch. Metal paper chamber. 1 year guarantee. Capacity: 10 sheets of 80gsm paper.
€5.08 €1.88 + VAT
Save 62.99%
VL20041 - Rexel Black S120 Single Hole Plier Punch 20120041
Easy punch single hole plier with max. 25mm hole margin. Hole diameter 6mm. Capacity 20 sheets of 80gsm paper. Available in Black.
€30.32 €13.83 + VAT
Save 54.39%
VL20049 - Rexel Eyeletter and Punch Chrome With 13mm Punching Pin 20220049
Parallel action mechanism for punching and eyeleting ideal for binding documents presentation folders and D.I.Y. applications. First punch the hole then place and clinch the eyelet. Extra eyelets available all 4.7mm diameter.
€86.72 €39.98 + VAT
Save 53.90%
SP-112466 - Rapesco ALU Adjustable Punch 2 3 or 4 Hole Black/Silver Ref 1205
Aluminium top cap with lock-down handle. Flip open confetti tray with personalisation window. Double hardened, stainless steel working parts. Adjustable metal paper guide. Adjustable for 2, 3 and 4-ring A4/A3 paper - also 2-hole A5 paper.
€183.96 €143.08 + VAT
Save 22.22%
SP-142649 - Rapesco Diary Punch 6 Hole Adjustable Capacity 10x 80gsm Black Ref 1342
Suitable for all leading personal organiser / diary sizes. Adjustable paper guide marked with organiser-sizes. Flip-open confetti tray. Handle lock-down switch for easy storage. 15 year guarantee.
€35.99 €27.98 + VAT
Save 22.26%
Product 1 to 8 of 8