Dryboard Accessories - Cleaning/Erasing
Dryboard Accessories - Cleaning/Erasing
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AFI50187 - AF Permanent Ink Remover 125ml Pump Spray APIR125
AF Permanent Ink Remover 125ml Pump Spray APIR125
€19.94 €9.36 + VAT
Save 53.06%
AFI50191 - AF Whiteboard Clene Pump Spray 250ml ABCL250
AF Whiteboard Clene. Whiteboard cleaner ideal for removing most types of ink from whiteboard surfaces. Non-flammable with a pleasant lemon fragrance in a 250ml pump spray.
€15.17 €6.18 + VAT
Save 59.26%
AFI50260 - AF Interactive Whiteboard Wipes (100 Pack) AWBW100T
AF Interactive Whiteboard Wipes. Impregnated wipes for quick and easy cleaning of interactive white boards. Supplied in a re-sealable tub to keep each wipe fresh and moist.
€18.61 €7.87 + VAT
Save 57.71%
AFI50517 - AF Whiteboard Cleaning Kit AWBK000
AF Whiteboard Clene Kit. A composite kit for the removal of dry ink residues and grease from enamelled or laminated whiteboards. Includes 1 x 125ml solution 1 x eraser 5 x cloths 5 x assorted magnets and 4 x assorted pens.
€32.54 €11.83 + VAT
Save 63.64%
AR00357 - Artline Smiley Whiteboard Eraser Assorted (4 Pack) ERT-MMS-GB4
Specially designed magnetic eraser allows easy adhesion to magnetic drywipe boards. Removes all marks made with drywipe markers from your whiteboard.
€36.39 €15.79 + VAT
Save 56.61%
BQ53105 - Bi-Office White Lightweight Magnetic Eraser AA0105 BQ53105
Lightweight magnetic board eraser for magnetic and whiteboard surfaces. Cleans surface to enable re-use time and time again.
€15.24 €3.70 + VAT
Save 75.72%
DB50372 - 2Work Whiteboard Cleaning Wipes (100 Pack) DB50372
Tub of 100 moist lint-free wipes pre-saturated in alcohol-free cleaning liquid. Removes grease dirt ghosting stains and dry wipe marker pen.
€18.95 €7.87 + VAT
Save 58.47%
DB50702 - 2Work Whiteboard Cleaning Kit DB50702
Highly effective cleaning formulation suitable for use on most types of whiteboards. The formulation removes ink residue and leaves the whiteboard sparkling clean. Contains: Whiteboard Cleaning Fluid 250ml and 1 large flannel 25x25cm.
€18.36 €6.92 + VAT
Save 62.31%
ED02839 - Legamaster Whiteboard Assistant Eraser/Marker Holder 1225-00
A cleverly designed product combining a magnetic whiteboard eraser and marker holder in one. Features an integral magnetic strip for convenient storage on the board and provides safe storage for board markers. Container lid doubles as an eraser.
€48.97 €29.60 + VAT
Save 39.55%
EG60024 - Show-me SUPERTOUGH Drywipe Board A4 Plain (302 Pack) B/SRP
Show-me SUPERTOUGH Drywipe Board A4 Plain Pack of 302 B/SRP. This Show-me SUPERTOUGH Drywipe Board is almost double the thickness of the standard board for long lasting classroom use. The A4 boards are plain on both sides.
€754.96 €412.84 + VAT
Save 45.32%
EG60090 - Show-Me Mini Foam Whiteboard Eraser (35 Pack) MFE35
Show-me mini foam eraser MFE35. Ideal for small hands. Wipes away drywipe ink quickly and easily. Approx size (mm): 75 x 50 x 25.
(Pack 35)
€21.84 €15.82 + VAT
Save 27.56%
EG60091 - Show-me Mini Foam Whiteboard Eraser (100 Pack) MFE100
Wipes away drywipe ink quickly and easily. To keep boards even cleaner use Show-me MAGIX Cleaner.
(Pack 100)
€66.48 €41.03 + VAT
Save 38.28%
EG60135 - Show-me MAGIX Whiteboard Cleaner 250ml WCC
MAGIX Whiteboard Cleaner/Conditioner. Contains STAYCLEAN conditioning ingredient to keep whiteboards clean for longer. Drywipe ink cleans off without ghosting. MAGIX leaves a silky coating on the surface. Also removes permanent marker and ballpen ink.
€16.50 €12.82 + VAT
Save 22.30%
EG60143 - Show-me Mini Wooden Handled Felt Whiteboard Eraser (30 Pack) WME30
Show-me wooden handled mini felt eraser WME30. Ideal for small hands. Wipes away drywipe ink quickly and easily. Approx size (mm): 75 x 50 x 25. Traditional wooden-handled erasers. Shaped handles in a natural wood finish. Soft washable felt surface.
(Pack 30)
€29.50 €20.21 + VAT
Save 31.49%
EG60229 - Show-me Whiteboard Eraser (12 Pack) EWE12
Show-me Whiteboard Eraser Pack of 12 EWE12. Suitable for use on drywipe boards. Full size. Lightweight. Soft foam surface with high absorption for effective erasing of ink. The foam surface is also washable.
€31.28 €17.19 + VAT
Save 45.04%
EG60365 - Show-me Whiteboard Cleaner 500ml WCE500
Show-me 500ml Whiteboard Cleaner. Trigger spray bottle dispenses cleaner easily. Removes drywipe ink from whiteboards. Safe non flammable alcohol free formula.
€10.20 €7.87 + VAT
Save 22.84%
KF01972 - Q-Connect Drywipe Eraser Washable KF01972
Q-Connect Whiteboard Eraser. Washable lightweight eraser with a soft absorbent surface making board cleaning easy.
€13.89 €3.95 + VAT
Save 71.56%
KF01974 - Q-Connect Whiteboard Permanent Ink Remover 150ml KF01974
Q-Connect Permanent Ink Stain Remover. A unique formula that will rejuvenate whiteboards by removing permanent ink ghosting effects and minor scratches making as new again. 150ml.
€46.07 €4.69 + VAT
Save 89.82%
KF04504 - Q-Connect Whiteboard Surface Foam Cleaner KF04504
Q-Connect Surface and Whiteboard Foam Cleaner. Restores the appearance of Whiteboards keyboards casings monitors mice and much more removing ingrained grease and dirt. Do not use on screens. 400ml.
€15.25 €2.96 + VAT
Save 80.59%
KF04552 - Q-Connect Whiteboard Surface Cleaner 250ml KF04552
Q-Connect Whiteboard Cleaner. Removes grease and grime from all hard surfaces and Whiteboards. 250ml.
€14.48 €2.37 + VAT
Save 83.63%
NB33944 - Nobo Easy-Peel Whiteboard Eraser 34533944
New design ergonomically styled for the hand. Drywipe board cleaner suitable for use on any board which accepts drywipe markers. Multiple layers of cleaning cloth are fixed in an easy -to -hold block.
€23.27 €11.83 + VAT
Save 49.16%
NB38408 - Nobo Deepclene Plus for Whiteboards 150ml 34538408
Highly effective cleaner to re-condition a board which has been marked with the wrong type of pen or other misuse. Aerosol can containing no CFCs. Spray on to the drywipe board and polish off thoroughly with a clean dry cloth. 150ml.
€32.07 €16.78 + VAT
Save 47.68%
NB47729 - Nobo Glass Whiteboard Eraser Silver 1904100
Nobo Glass Whiteboard Eraser Silver 1904100. Integrated magnet attaches onto whiteboards for easy accessibility. Double sided to target hard to remove ink and dirt.
€35.28 €18.29 + VAT
Save 48.16%
NB52611 - Nobo Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser White 1905325
Nobo Magnetic Whiteboard Eraser White 1905325. Effective in removing drywipe marker ink and residue from whiteboard surfaces. Reliable felt design with magnet to attach to magnetic board surfaces.
€25.91 €12.82 + VAT
Save 50.52%