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AO41603 - Aurora Black 2-Line Scientific Calculator AX582BL
UK examination compliant. TrueLogic software for easy algebraic entry 2 line LCD display shows both sum and answer 240 different functions. Battery powered. Hard plastic slide on case to protect screen and buttons. Dimensions: W83xD18xH154mm (incl case)
€13.24 €9.85 + VAT
Save 25.60%
AO41609 - Aurora AX-595TV Scientific Calculator Black AX595TV
An easy to use scientific calculator with a TrueView screen. UK examination compliant. Dot matrix display 254 different functions battery powered hard plastic slide on case to protect screen and buttons. Dimensions (Including Case): W83xD18xH154mm
€15.52 €11.34 + VAT
Save 26.93%
AO41655 - Aurora AX-595TV Scientific Calculator Black (30 Pack) CK59
Aurora AX595TV Scientific Calculator Class Pack. TrueView Dot Matrix Display - Great for displaying fractions. TrueLogic Algebraic Entry. Simple to understand and easy to use. Ideal for Key Stage 3 and 4. Features a 254 functions. Supplied in a pack of 30
€402.71 €355.91 + VAT
Save 11.62%
CS18219 - Casio Scientific Calculator FX-85GTX
Casio FX85ES scientific calculator with 249 functions and natural textbook display. Features list based statistical data entry multi replay 164 scientific functions 7 memories 24 parentheses and79 byte formula memory. for key stages 3 4 and above.
€32.65 €15.79 + VAT
Save 51.64%
CS18509 - Casio Scientific Calculator FX-83GTX - Black
Casio FX83ES+ scientific calculator. Features 12 digit display 252 functions up to 79 bytes formula memory multi line playback regression analysis statistics and 164 scientific functions.
€28.80 €14.80 + VAT
Save 48.61%
CS46927 - Casio Blue Scientific Calculator Twin-Powered FX-83GTX (Blue)
Casio FX-85GTPLUS Scientific Calculator. Features recurring 9 memories decimal verify random integers new calculation priority sequence factorisation into prime factors statistical data entry multi replay and table of a function. Colour: Blue.
€28.80 €15.79 + VAT
Save 45.17%
SH02594 - Sharp ELW531B Scientific Calculator
Battery powered scientific calculator with 4-line display 3 digit punctuation 335 functions and 2 key rollover.
€16.38 €13.81 + VAT
Save 15.69%
SH04575 - Sharp Black EL-531XH Scientific Calculator EL531XBWH
Sharp EL-531XH Scientifc Calculator Black EL531XBWH
€14.20 €11.83 + VAT
Save 16.69%
SH50523 - Rebell Scientific Calculator 240 Functions SH50523
Rebell Scientific Calculator 240 Functions SH50523
€7.64 €7.63 + VAT
Save 0.13%
SP-147469 - Casio Graphic Calculator Natural Textbook Display with USB 91.5x21.2x184mm Grey Ref FX-9860GII
Natural design with generous screen size. LCD backlight. Natural Display. Number and Constant Memory.
€149.06 €149.05 + VAT
Save 0.01%
SP-397578 - Sharp Junior Handheld Scientific Calculator 10 Digit Battery Power 75x10x144mm Black Ref EL-501X
10 Digit display. 131 functions including statistic functions. Statistical calculation eg. mean/standard deviation. Complex number calculations. N-Base: Bin, Oct, Dec, Hex. Constant Calculation. Sturdy and hard-wearing plastic keys. Slide on hard case included. Stylish and contemporary piano black design. Battery powered (2 x LR1130 supplied). WxDxH: 75x144x10mm.
€10.35 €9.40 + VAT
Save 9.18%
SP-935533 - 5 Star Office Scientific Calculator 2 Line Display 279 Functions 84.5x19x164.5mm Silver/Black
Scientific Calculator. 2-line Display. 279 Functions. Hard case. Nine key memory. 10 + two digits. 2 x LR44 battery supplied. WxDxH: 84.5X19X164.5mm.
€19.85 €6.92 + VAT
Save 65.14%
CS03415 - Casio FX-9860GII Graphic Calculator FX-9860GII-S-UH
Casio FX-9860GII Graphic Calculator FX-9860GII-S-UH
€196.54 + VAT Haggle
CS18908 - Casio Pink Scientific Calculator Twin-Powered FX-83GTX-DP (Pink)
Casio FX-83GTX-DP Scientific Calculator. Features recurring 9 memories, decimal, verify, random integers, new calculation priority sequence, factorisation into prime factors, statistical data entry, multi replay and table of a function. Colour: Pink.
€28.80 €21.02 + VAT
Save 27.01%
SP-105712 - Casio Desktop Printing Calculator 12 Digit 2 Colour Printing 214.5x87.8x339mm Black Ref FR-620RE-E-UC
No of digits: 12. Extra large display. Sub total/Grand total. Fixed decimals/floating: 0, 2, 3, 4, F. Rounding: 5/4. Add mode, mark up/down. 2 Constants. Cost-sell-margin. Tax and currency conversion functions. Item count. 30 lines/second. Red/black ink printing. Roll size: 57x57mm. Compatible with 2-ply paper. Mains powered. WxDxH: 213x343x88mm. 3.0 lines/second.
€138.58 + VAT Haggle
SP-144986 - Casio Scientific Calculator Natural Display 552 Functions 77x11x165mm Graphite Ref FX-991EX
Scientific constants: 47. Unit conversions: 40. Bracket levels: 24.
€49.69 + VAT Haggle
SP-146248 - Casio Graphic Calculator Natural Textbook Display with USB 93x27x200mm Black Ref FX-CG50
High-resolution colour display with over 65,000 colours. Innovative image plot application for photo and video analysis. 7 colours can be used in various applications. Solve equations with integral, differential and probability functions. Solve over determined and under determined equations.
€213.15 + VAT Haggle
SP-158610 - Casio FX-85GTX Scientific Calculator Exam Ready Black Ref FX-85GTX
You can now optionally display a table of values for 2 functions rather than just a single function. Explore values of functions by continuing the table automatically, or choose a custom value. Fraction and decimal form offer unit ratios for thosetricky exam questions. Quartiles are calculated and displayed on one screen. Students can calculate equivalent ratios.
€28.48 + VAT Haggle
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