Stamp Pads & Ink - Blue
Stamp Pads & Ink - Blue
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EM05102 - COLOP Micro 2 Stamp Pad Blue MICRO2BE
Colop stamp pad made from top quality long lasting felt. Suitable for all kinds of rubber stamps. Can be re-inked using Colop 801 ink. 110 x 70mm. Blue.
€9.26 €4.20 + VAT
Save 54.64%
EM37640 - COLOP 801 Stamp Pad Ink 25ml Blue 801BE
Colop stamp pad ink. Water based ink to be used with Colop Micro stamp pads. 25ml. Blue.
€9.31 €4.69 + VAT
Save 49.62%
KF15438 - Q-Connect Large Stamp Pad Blue KF15438
Q-Connect Large Stamp Pad Metal Case Blue KF15438 High capacity sponge pad allows the maximum number of impressions before re-inking is necessary. Sturdy plastic case. Supplied in a metal case. 3 blue which is plastic.
€23.08 €2.86 + VAT
Save 87.61%
KF25103Q - Q-Connect Endorsing Ink 28ml Blue (10 Pack) KF25103Q
Q-Connect Endorsing Ink 28ml Blue KF25103Q
(Pack 10)
€153.87 €9.36 + VAT
Save 93.92%
SP-297811 - 5 Star Office Stamp Pad 158x90mm Blue
Foam pad, impregnated with ink. Sturdy plastic box. Re-inkable with washable endorsing ink (sold separately). Size: 158x90mm. Colour: Blue.
€14.46 €4.00 + VAT
Save 72.34%
SP-297927 - 5 Star Office Endorsing Ink 28ml Blue
Endorsing ink. 28ml bottle. Colour: Blue. Washable.
€4.34 €1.77 + VAT
Save 59.22%