Haggle Options

It's all about the Haggle

We have introduced an old and trusted form of price negotiating to our site and we would like to give you the opportunity to haggle or bargain over the goods and services you buy from Abbey Office Supplies. In today's climate it's just not good enough to have a fixed price and we like to have fun and be flexible with our customers while giving you the customer the best price, value and service.

The prices on our product pages are displayed with a Haggle button that gives you the following options:

  • Price Check - You found a better price elsewhere
    If you found a better price on a competitor's website (they must offer to deliver to the Republic of Ireland), give us the web address and we'll see if we can match (or better) the price.
  • Bulk Order Discount
    If you intend to place a bulk order for an item, tell us how many of this item you would like to order, and we'll try to get a better price for you.
  • Regular Item Discount
    If you are ordering an item repeatedely, then please let us know how frequently (daily, weekly, monthly, ...) you intend to order that item, and we'll try to get a better price for you.
  • Make An Offer
    Simply tell us how much (in Euro) you are prepared to pay for a specific item, and we'll be in touch to talk about it.

Watch the following video to find out more about the Haggle on this web site: