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HX32525 - Helix Illuminated Magnifying Glass Hand Held 75mm Black MN1025
Helix Magnifying Glass. 75mm magnifying glass with illuminated function ideal for use in poor light conditions. 2x magnification with a 5x magnification insert. Colour: Black.
€23.43 €11.34 + VAT
Save 51.60%
HX33007 - Helix Flower Design Cylindrical Pencil Case Pack of 6 MQ3255

Floral Cylindrical Pencil Case with pink zip and matching pink velvet zip pull.

€20.89 €15.96 + VAT
Save 23.60%
KF01119 - Q-Connect Memo Box Refill 750 Sheets KF01119
Q-Connect Refill Block for the Q-Connect Memo Box. 750 sheets of 90x90mm White paper.
€27.91 €5.22 + VAT
Save 81.30%
KF01293 - Q-Connect Reception Counter Bell KF01293
Q-Connect Reception Counter Bell KF01293. Classic design nickel plated counter bell. Ideal for any retail outlet, reception area, office or bar. Easy to use. Ensures customers are not left waiting.
€147.95 €5.93 + VAT
Save 95.99%
KF10860 - Q-Connect Tally Counter Chrome KF10860
Q-Connect tally counter. Hand held tally counter with easy to operate push down buttons to register the count. Counts from 0 - 9999. Reset by turning the knob on the right in a clockwise direction. Fits snugly in palm of hand.
€191.14 €5.19 + VAT
Save 97.28%
KF21676 - Q-Connect Memo Box Black KF21676
Q-Connect Memo Box. Tough plastic note block holder. Anti-slip feet. Pen rest and 800 sheets of 90x90mm White paper. Refill sheets available see KF01119. Memo Box colour - Black.
€39.18 €10.84 + VAT
Save 72.33%
SW1261 - Plemix Moistener Sponge Headed (50cl Capacity) For Envelopes Labels Y0604
Convenient non spill moistener for envelopes stamps labels etc. The reinforced sponge head unscrews from its clear pliable plastic container for refilling with water. Clean and hygienic. Size 40mm diameter x 80mm long. Water capacity 50ml.
€19.09 €10.84 + VAT
Save 43.22%