Protective Clothing - Ear Defenders
Protective Clothing - Ear Defenders
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3M38790 - 3M Optime I Headband Ear Defenders H510A-401-GU XH001650411
3M Peltor Optime H510A Ear Muffs. Lightweight and comfortable ear muffs offering versatile protection. Combines a low profile with generous inner depth allowing them to be combined with other equipment. For use in noisy and dusty environments.
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3M38810 - 3M Optime II Peltor Ear Defenders XH001650627
3M Optime ll Peltor Ear Muffs. Developed for demanding noisy environments and muffles even extremely low frequencies to a maximum degree. Optimum seal with low contact pressure. Ventilation channels covered with soft patterned hygienic foam.
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3M38691 - 3M Optime III Headband Ear Defenders 4540A-411-SV XH001650833
3M Optime lll Headband Ear Defenders. Suitable for moderate to high noise levels. Lightweight and generous inside depth for comfort. Soft and wide sealing rings filled with a combination of foam and liquid provide optimum sealing and low pressure.
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BRG10033 - PU Foam Earplugs (200 Pack) 801590
PU Foam Earplugs (Pack of 200) 801590. Earplugs made from soft hypo-allergenic PU foam. Tapered design ensures improved ear canal fit. Conforms to EN352-2.
€118.46 €34.55 + VAT
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3M74923 - 3M Banded Earplugs 1310 (10 Pack) GT500004848
3M Banded Ear Plugs 1310. Stylish banded hearing protection with innovative flexible band and soft round foam ear plugs for optimum fit and superior comfort. Designed for ease of use in noisy environments.
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