Protective Clothing - Ear Defenders
Protective Clothing - Ear Defenders
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3M38790 - 3M Optime I Headband Ear Defenders H510A-401-GU XH001650411
3M Peltor Optime H510A Ear Muffs. Lightweight and comfortable ear muffs offering versatile protection. Combines a low profile with generous inner depth allowing them to be combined with other equipment. For use in noisy and dusty environments.
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3M38810 - 3M Optime II Peltor Ear Defenders XH001650627
3M Optime ll Peltor Ear Muffs. Developed for demanding noisy environments and muffles even extremely low frequencies to a maximum degree. Optimum seal with low contact pressure. Ventilation channels covered with soft patterned hygienic foam.
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3M38691 - 3M Optime III Headband Ear Defenders 4540A-411-SV XH001650833
3M Optime lll Headband Ear Defenders. Suitable for moderate to high noise levels. Lightweight and generous inside depth for comfort. Soft and wide sealing rings filled with a combination of foam and liquid provide optimum sealing and low pressure.
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BRG10033 - PU Foam Earplugs (200 Pack) 801590
PU Foam Earplugs (Pack of 200) 801590. Earplugs made from soft hypo-allergenic PU foam. Tapered design ensures improved ear canal fit. Conforms to EN352-2.
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