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Envelopes Other - Window
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KF02898 - Q-Connect Machine Envelope 162x238mm Window Gummed 90gsm White (Pack of 500) KF02898
Banker envelope with triangular flap. 90gsm lightweight design for flexible use. Gummed closure. Window dimensions 45x90mm. Window position 20mm in 72mm up. Supplied in a pack of 500. Oversized C5 H162XL238mm.
€317.22 €38.51 + VAT
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KF3431 - Q-Connect Envelope 89x152mm Pocket Centre Window Gummed 70gsm Manilla (Pack of 1000) KF3431
Q-Connect Manilla Window Envelopes. Budget envelopes. Manufactured from 70gsm manilla with a gummed flap. Size: 89mmx152mm.
€448.61 €53.36 + VAT
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KF71434 - Q-Connect Machine Envelope 162x238mm Window Gummed 80gsm White (Pack of 500) KF71434
Q-Connect Gummed White Banker Window Envelopes. Made from 80gsm paper with window size 45x90mm - position 20mm in 60mm up. Size: 162x238mm.
€336.40 €41.48 + VAT
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SP-666769 - Sage Compatible Payslip Wage Envelopes with Window 128x107mm Manilla Ref SE45 [Pack 1000]
Paper Weight: 90gm/2. Window reveals employee\'s name only. Use with SE32 continuous payslip or SE95 laser payslip. Secure self-sealing to prevent tampering. Application-Personnel/Wages. Envelope Size: Size: 107x 128mm. Type-Computer Printed.
€145.61 €134.22 + VAT
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