A4 Multipurpose Paper - White 90gsm
A4 Multipurpose Paper - White 90gsm
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PPR40500 - Navigator Expression A4 Paper 90gm (2500 Pack) NAVA490
Bright white office paper. Suitable for both colour and mono printing. Provides excellent print contrast. Smooth and opaque perfect for printing reports. A4. 90gsm.
(Pack 5)
€423.02 €48.48 + VAT
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KF01090 - Q-Connect Premium White A4 90gsm Inkjet Paper (500 Pack) KF01090
Q-Connect Quick-Jet Paper. Superb performance and high quality colour and line definition from this ultra White 90gsm paper for all laser and mono inkjet applications. Size: A4.
€140.30 €13.87 + VAT
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LG40262 - Color Copy A4 White Paper 90gsm (500 Pack) CCW0324
Color Copy Paper. Ideally suited for colour copying colour laser and digital printing ensuring true colour copies laser printouts and optimum results from desktop publishing every time. Size: A4. Weight - 90gsm. Colour - White.
€159.70 €24.74 + VAT
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RH00043 - HP Color Choice LASER A4 90gsm White (500 Pack) HCL0321
HP Color Choice LASER A4 90gsm White (Pack of 500) HCL0321. Engineered to reduce jams. Designed especially for laser printers and copiers. 168 CIE whiteness. Size: A4. Pack of 500.
€121.90 €11.90 + VAT
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RH00318 - HP Premium A4 90gsm White (500 Pack) HPT0321CL
HP Premium A4 90gsm White (Pack of 500) HPT0321CL. Engineered to reduce jams. Suitable for all printers. With Colourok technology to reduce smudging. Size: A4. Pack of 500.
€169.61 €10.84 + VAT
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SP-163064 - Evolution Business Paper FSC Recycled Ream-wrapped 90gsm A4 White Ref EVBU2109 [500 Sheets]
Recycled paper from 100% recovered fibre according to FSC. Based on bioenergy and local sourcing, inhouse de-inking, no landfill, closed loop. High opacity, excellent Whiteness. Great value paper suitable for a wide range of everyday applications. Also available in folio sheets and reels.
€96.06 €14.80 + VAT
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XX91854 - Xerox Premier A4 Paper 90gsm White Ream (500 Pack) 003R91854
Xerox Premier paper perfect for use in high volume high speed copying and printing. The ideal paper for everyday use through inkjet printers. A4 90gsm.
€150.34 €13.85 + VAT
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XX94641 - Xerox Colotech+ White A4 90gsm Paper (500 Pack) 003R98837
Xerox Colotech plus is the ultimate paper for your printer/copier. It is a smooth super calendered uncoated high white prestige paper designed and developed to match all the requirements of colour and high speed printing/copying. A4 90gsm.
€148.02 €22.89 + VAT
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