A4 Multipurpose Paper - White 90gsm
A4 Multipurpose Paper - White 90gsm
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EP41749 - Epson A4 Inkjet Paper 90gsm Bright White Ream (500 Pack) S041749 C13S041749
Bright white paper uncoated for general use. Quality 90 gsm paper. Great results with Epson Stylus inkjet printers. Made of 100% recycled paper. Format: A4 (210 x 297 mm). One ream of 500 sheets.
€25.79 €8.71 + VAT
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SP-047949 - Canon Red Label Multifunctional Paper Ream Wrapped 90gsm A4 White ref 97001533 [500 Sheets]
Ream wrapped. Both single and double sided copying and printing. Premium whiteness and smooth.
€51.04 €7.15 + VAT
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SP-377767 - Navigator Expression Paper Ream-Wrapped 90gsm A4 White Ref NEX0900024 [500 Sheets]
Extra smooth, high white inkjet paper for reports, presentations and flyers and is 100% guaranteed for all office equipment. Bright white paper -excellent print contrast and superb ink-lift for high quality colour documents. Extra thick and opaque - prevents print show-through and sheet waviness, while providing accurate character definition. 90gsm. Size: A4. Whiteness: 169. Packed: 500 sheets.
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SP-57133X - Hewlett Packard [HP] Color Choice Paper Smooth Colorlok 90gsm A4 White Ref CHP750 [500 Sheets]
Bold, vibrant hues and rich blacks. Highly white and super smooth for uniform toner gloss, sharp text and colour contrast. 100% recyclable polypropylene packaging with easy-open tear strip. ColorLok technology gives excellent results on all inkjet and laser printers.
€56.85 €39.80 + VAT
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SP-372697 - Xerox Premier Copier Paper Multifunctional Ream-Wrapped 90gsm A4 White Ref 62324 [500 Sheets]
A premium paper ideal for executive documents, letterheads and presentations. The high whiteness, excellent bulk and stiffness provide a professional feel to your documents. Delivers excellent results in a wide range of office equipment including laser copiers, printers and inkjet technology. 90g/m2 Paper Weight. Size: A4.
€58.90 €44.34 + VAT
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KF01090 - Q-Connect Premium White A4 90gsm Inkjet Paper (500 Pack) KF01090
Q-Connect Quick-Jet Paper. Superb performance and high quality colour and line definition from this ultra White 90gsm paper for all laser and mono inkjet applications. Size: A4.
€60.04 €7.36 + VAT
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SP-377791 - Color Copy Paper Premium Super Smooth FSC Ream-Wrapped 90gsm A4 White Ref CCW0321 [500 Sheets]
The original colour laser printing paper. A range of superior smooth colour laser papers with excellent whiteness, designed specifically for use on colour laser printers and copiers. Ideal for brochures, reports and presentations with the card weights being the perfect choice for report covers and business cards. FSC® certified, using pulp from responsibly managed forests. 90gsm. Size: A4. Whiteness (CIE): 157. Packed 500 sheets (Ream-Wrapped).
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RH00043 - HP Color Choice LASER A4 90gsm White (500 Pack) HCL0321
HP Color Choice LASER A4 90gsm White (Pack of 500) HCL0321
€63.38 €11.12 + VAT
Save 82.46%
XX91854 - Xerox Premier A4 Paper 90gsm White Ream (500 Pack) 003R91854
Xerox Premier paper perfect for use in high volume high speed copying and printing. The ideal paper for everyday use through inkjet printers. A4 90gsm.
€67.46 €7.37 + VAT
Save 89.08%
PPR40500 - Navigator Expression A4 Paper 90gm (2500 Pack) NAVA490
Bright white office paper. Suitable for both colour and mono printing. Provides excellent print contrast. Smooth and opaque perfect for printing reports. A4. 90gsm.
(Pack 5)
€185.45 €41.88 + VAT
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SP-146486 -
Premium quality office paper. Exceptional smoothness giving sharper prints. Excellent choice for high quality colour copying and printing. No natural forestry used in production.
(Pack 5)
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RH839001 - HP Starter Bundle Laserjet Pro M402DN Printer With HP Colour Laser A4 90gsm Paper White
HP Starter Bundle Laserjet Pro M402DN Printer with HP Colour Laser A4 90gsm Paper White
€422.40 €422.39 + VAT
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