Lateral Filing - Inserts
Lateral Filing - Inserts
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TW70676 - Rexel CrystalFile Lateral 330 Tab Inserts White (Pack of 34) 70676
Easy to remove from tab to change file name. Ample space to accommodate long file names. Convenient pack of 25. 14.8cm width 1.5cm height before tab is folded. Can also be used with Multi-Files.
€14.68 €6.67 + VAT
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TW78370 - Rexel Crystalfile Lateral 275 Tab Inserts White (Pack of 57) 78370
Rexel Crystalfile Lateral 275 Tab Inserts White (Pack of 57) 78370 Inserts for use with Crystalfile Classic Linked 275 lateral files. Suitable for handwriting, typing or on a laser printer. Easy to remove. Supplied as 3 A4 sheets of 19 perforated tabs.
€24.80 €11.83 + VAT
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SP-266952 - Elba Polypro Card Inserts for Lateral Susp File Tabs 10 Sheets of 31 Tabs White Ref 100330212 [Pack 310]
Elba Tab Inserts for Ultimate AZV Lateral Files. Colour: White. Packed 250.
€44.09 €24.74 + VAT
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BX30200 - Elba Suspension Files Label Sheet Lateral (10 Pack) 100330212
Elba Suspension Files Label Sheet Lateral (Pack of 10) 100330212. Lateral label sheets. For use with AZV lateral suspension files. Suitable for laser and inkjet printers. Micro perforated. Pk10.
€60.78 €29.60 + VAT
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ES26900 - Esselte Orgarex Lateral Insert White with Orange Tip (Pack of 250) 326900
Labels for lateral filing systems. Fit magnifying label holders. For use with Orgarex Lateral Files. Easy identification. 10 packs with 25 labels per pack (250 total). Colour: White with orange tip. Each sheet of inserts measures 138x220mm.
€65.12 €27.62 + VAT
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