Tapes Other - 50mm
Tapes Other - 50mm
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GG00170 - Gorilla Tape Handy Roll 25mm x 9.14m Black 3044401
Gorilla Tape Handy Roll 25mm x 9.14m Black 3044401. Extra strong weather resistant tape. Reinforced backing and double thick adhesive. Handy pocket-sized roll. Suitable for uneven and rough surfaces.
€5.29 €3.04 + VAT
Save 42.53%
LO06021 - Loctite Extreme Tape 24mm x 10m Black
Loctite Extreme Tape 24mm x 10m Black. High performance rubber-infused gel adhesive. Water, dishwasher, shock and temperature resistant. Gel formulation means no mess and no drips. Safety cap with anti-clog design.
€10.35 €5.44 + VAT
Save 47.44%
HK34125 - Unibond Duct Tape 50mmx25m Black
Unibond Duct Tape 50mmx25m Black. Versatile, removable and reusable. Ideal for mounting poster, paper, card and more to walls, doors and windows. Pre-cut into squares. Strong adhesion power.
€13.69 €6.92 + VAT
Save 49.45%
LO06087 - Loctite Extreme Tape 48mm x 10m Black 2628867
Loctite Extreme Tape 48mm x 10m Black 2628867. Glue remover designed for use on super glue. Removes super glue from clothing, skin and most surfaces. Can also be used to clean stained surfaces, marker pen stains and sticky label residue.
€14.68 €11.01 + VAT
Save 25.00%
GG00172 - Gorilla Tape Crystal Clear 8.2m 3044701
Gorilla Tape Crystal Clear 8.2m 3044701. Ultra strong adhesive layer forms a flexible and airtight bond for a variety of applications both indoors and outdoors. The crystal clear tape is ideal for repairs and sealing.
€15.30 €10.35 + VAT
Save 32.35%
GG00016 - Gorilla Tape 48mm x 11m Black 3044001
Gorilla Tape 48mm x 11m Black 3044001
€15.84 €8.37 + VAT
Save 47.16%
HK01767 - Unibond Duct Tape 50mmx25m Silver
Unibond Duct Tape 50mmx25m Silver. High strength removable strips. Eliminates the need for nails, screws and plugs. Removable adhesive for interior and exterior use. Ideal for DIY, building, crafting and repairing.
€16.90 €6.43 + VAT
Save 61.95%
RY03758 - Black Waterproof Cloth Tape 48mmx50m RY07584
Black waterproof cloth tape. Made from cotton and polythene film laminated together with a tough adhesive. Size: 48mm x 50m.
€20.65 €8.37 + VAT
Save 59.47%
HK34073 - Unibond Duct Tape 50mmx50m Silver
Unibond Duct Tape 50mmx50m Silver. Made from 100% recycled plastic. 100% recyclable. Innovative two way correction, pull for a whole sentence, push for one letter.. Flexible nib adapts to application angle to prevent tape from tearing.
€25.12 €10.84 + VAT
Save 56.85%
KF00290 - Q-Connect Silver Duct Tape 48mmx25m Roll KF00290
Q-Connect Duct Tape 48mmx25m Silver KF00290. Ideal for repairs and extra strong fastening. Strong adhesive for a secure hold. Ideal for use at home or in the office. 48mm wide. Supplied on 25m roll.
€30.36 €5.26 + VAT
Save 82.67%
MA99707 - Polypropylene Tape 50mmx66m White (6 Pack) APPW-500066-LN
Coloured polypropylene Tape. Low noise tape. 50mmx66m. Colour White.
(Pack 6)
€68.80 €13.81 + VAT
Save 79.93%