Highlighters - Orange
Highlighters - Orange
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KF01115 - Q-Connect Orange Highlighter Pen (10 Pack) KF01115
Q-Connect Highlighter Pen. Bright fluorescent colours for highlighting important words etc. The chisel tip draws both broad lines for highlighting or narrow lines for underlining. Suitable for most papers and will not fade on fax paper. Colour: Orange.
€67.64 €4.69 + VAT
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SP-296271 - 5 Star Office Highlighter Chisel Tip 1-5mm Line Orange [Pack 12]
Chisel tip with pocket clip on cap. Line width: 1-5mm. Water-based ink. Colour: Orange. Packed 12.
(Pack 12)
€31.71 €4.45 + VAT
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SP-938059 - 5 Star Eco Highlighter Chisel Tip 1-5mm Line Orange [Pack 10]
The barrel is made from layers of recycled paper to protect the pen from drying out by a unique environmental method. Pen is made from 66% recycled content. Pigmented inks for bright colours. Line width: 1-5mm. Colour: Orange. Packed 10.
(Pack 10)
€12.17 €5.93 + VAT
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SS7054 - Stabilo Boss Original Highlighter Orange (10 Pack) 70/54/10
Brand leading fluorescent marker with universal ink for use on most papers including fax and NCR paper. Now with longer writing length and increased 4 hour cap-off time. 2-5mm line width. Water-based ink. Orange. Pack of 10.
(Pack 10)
€42.72 €14.80 + VAT
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AR84756 - Artline Clix Refill for EK63 Highlighter Green (12 Pack) EK63RFGRE
Artline Clix Refill for EK63 Highlighter Green (Pack of 12) EK63RFGRE. Refill cartridge for Artline Clix EK63 highlighters. Low odour ink (Xylene free). Ink colour: Green. Pack of 12.
€25.18 €18.63 + VAT
Save 26.01%