Notes and Coin Counters
Notes and Coin Counters
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Soldi460 - Soldi 460 Note Counter
Insert in any direction to test notes. Speed 0.3 sec per banknote, auto rejection of fake notes, notes counted and denominations confirmed with batch totals upgradable software.
€222.00 + VAT Haggle
E15 - Rapidcount E 15
Fast 600 notes per minute, sorting auto fask notes, detection built in. High visable digital display.
€398.00 + VAT Haggle
CS50 - Coin Sorter CS50

Hopper feed euro coin counting machine. Can count up to 200 coins per minute and Non Euro coins are automaticaly rejected. Counts and sorts coins into induvidual trays and auto stops when full. You can programme the machine to stop when coin bins reach a specific coin total. 

€450.00 €328.00 + VAT
Save 27.11%
YC28059 - Safescan Mixed Coin Counter and Sorter Sterling Grey 113-0568
113-0568 Coin Counter. A fast and efficient way to count coins. Accurately counts and sorts 216 coins per minute. Each hopper can hold 300 - 500 coins. Counter stops when coin tray is full. Also bundles preset coin quantities.
€531.60 €379.40 + VAT
Save 28.63%
SSC33295 - Safescan Mixed Coin Counter and Sorter Euro 113-0260
Safescan Mixed Coin Counter/Sorter Euro. Counts sorts and gives exact coins. Currency: Euro. Includes add and batch functions. Total quantity and quantity per denomination. Counts 220 coins per minute.
€540.44 €346.01 + VAT
Save 35.98%
SSC33283 - Safescan Banknote Counter and Checker 2250 115-0561
Safescan Banknote Counter/Checker 2250. Counts 1000 notes/minute. Quick and easy to use. Auto Start and Stop function. Suitable for all currencies. Alarm when suspected banknote is detected.
€679.86 €464.81 + VAT
Save 31.63%
S60 - Rapidcount S60
High volume counting of pre-sorted banknotes up to 750 notes per minute. Available in Euro € or US $ models. Fake note detection built in.
€897.00 + VAT Haggle
S85 - Rapidcount S85
Professional top range model, superfast 1000 notes per minute. Counting unsorted notes maximum protection on automatic fake notes.
€1,045.00 + VAT Haggle