Fire Extinguishers - Co2
Fire Extinguishers - Co2
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SP-137646 - Firechief 2.0KG CO2 Fire Extinguisher for Class A B and E Fires Ref WG10128
CO2 Fire Extinguisher. Volume: 2.0 KG. 5 Year Warranty. Suitable for A, B and Electrical Fires.
€192.14 €138.34 + VAT
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FM29264 - Fire Extinguisher Carbon Dioxide 2 kg XC2A
Safe for use on fires involving live Electrical equipment including computers. The CO2 gas extinguishes fires without creating water damage. Harmless to valuable Electrical computer equipment. Good on small fires involving petrol oil fats and solvents.
€201.79 €64.00 + VAT
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SPT90024 - Spectrum Industrial Fire Extinguisher CO2 5kg 14358
Spectrum Industrial Fire Extinguisher CO2 5kg 14358. Carbon dioxide fire extinguisher. Manufactured to highest standards. Visual and text instructions printed on the side of the unit. Combats Class B (Flammable liquid) fires.
€399.93 €299.95 + VAT
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