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BSW11788 - Vegas Safety Spec Clear Lens BBVS
Vegas Safety Spec Clear Lens BBVS Polycarbonate safety spectacles Ultra lightweight Conforms to EN166: Optical Class:1.
€6.23 €4.67 + VAT
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SP-373812 - JSP Martcare Impact Goggles High-resistance Polycarbonate Lens Ref AGC010-301-300
JSP Martcare Impact Goggle HC lens. A compact and lightweight goggle. Tough Polycarbonate lens offers high resistance to impact from flying particles. Vented body, cost effective, PVC frame, Polycarbonate lens. Conforms to EN 166.1.B
€7.95 €3.06 + VAT
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BSW35832 - B-Brand SG-604 Goggle BBSG604
B-Brand SG-604 Goggle BBSG604. Clear polycarbonate goggles. Lightweight and comfortable. Polycarbonate lens with PVC frame. Conforms to EN166. Optical Class: 1.
€9.53 €8.06 + VAT
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3M30203 - 3M Sealed Safety Goggles Clear 2890S UV Protection DE272934055
3M 2890S Safety Goggles. Sealed safety goggles with polycarbonate lenses provide protection against liquids dust gases and vapours. Features anti scratch feature and UV protection. Ideal for construction and laboratories.
€25.03 €18.76 + VAT
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