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AO21001 - Aurora White/Blue 8-Digit Semi-Desk Calculator DT210
Dual powered desktop calculator with large 8 digit fixed angle display and spacious keypad. Features include: 4 key memory constants: addition division multiplication and subtraction percentage and square root keys and +/- change sign key.
€9.33 €8.37 + VAT
Save 10.29%
AO21056 - Aurora Grey/Black 12-Digit Desk Calculator DT85V
Aurora Heavy Duty 12 Digit Desktop Calculator with an angled display large answer bar and two independent memories. Dimensions - 140x198x46mm. DT85V.
€28.64 €19.75 + VAT
Save 31.04%
AO21088 - Aurora Grey/Black 12-Digit Desk Calculator DT303
Aurora Heavy Duty 12 Digit Dual Powered Desktop Calculator with large keys and fixed angle display for easy viewing. Other features include Round up-down and decimal selector. DT303. Dimensions - 133x198x34mm.
€22.91 €16.78 + VAT
Save 26.76%
AO31023 - Aurora Grey 8-Digit Semi-Desk Calculator DB453B
Aurora 8 Digit Semi-Desktop Dual Powered Calculator DB453B. Ideal for general use features include fixed angle display for easy viewing large keys 3 memory keys mark up/down key and auto power off. Dimensions - 102x133x25mm.
€12.70 €11.83 + VAT
Save 6.85%
AO40364 - Aurora Grey/Black 12-Digit Semi-Desk Calculator DT661
Aurora Multifunctional Calculator - DT661. Durable dual powered desk top calculator with a large 12-digit display cost/sell/margin features scroll facility one touch tax feature and currency converter.
€18.59 €14.80 + VAT
Save 20.39%
AO41553 - Aurora Black 12-Digit Semi-Desk Calculator DT910P
Aurora DT910P Desktop Calculator. Dual power 12 digit calculator with tax function auto shut off and cost sell and margin functions.
€13.96 €11.34 + VAT
Save 18.77%
AO42028 - Aurora Silver/Grey 12-Digit Semi-Desk Calculator DT398
Aurora Semi-Desktop Calculator - DT398. Professional dual powered calculator with a durable metal facia hard keys decimal point selector round up key mark up key 3 memory keys and auto power off.
€16.85 €13.81 + VAT
Save 18.04%
AO42044 - Aurora Silver/Grey 12-Digit Desk Calculator DT401
Aurora Euro Calculator - D7401. Desk top calculator that features a large adjustable display for optimum viewing extra large keypad for ease of use durable hard keys for everyday heavy-duty use programmable currency converter and Set key.
€30.27 €21.73 + VAT
Save 28.21%
CS09040 - Casio Silver 8-Digit Currency Calculator MS-80VERII
Casios currency calculator features currency conversion to aid transaction efficiency. It also features a clear 8-digit display to ensure clarity as well as percentage calculation functions.
€16.36 €11.56 + VAT
Save 29.34%
CS09044 - Casio Silver DF-120TERII Desktop Calculator DF-120TERII
Casios tax and currency calculator features a decimal selector to aid accuracy. It also features a large 12-digit display to increase clarity and a euro conversion function to aid in complex calculations.
€37.65 €22.72 + VAT
Save 39.65%
CS09045 - Casio 12 Digit Landscape Tax/Currency Calculator Black DH-12TER
Casios Landscape Tax and Currency Calculator features a wider more type-friendly design to increase speed of use. It also features relevant functions to calculate percentages and tax including profit margins.
€36.01 €22.72 + VAT
Save 36.91%
CS09047 - Casio MS-10B 10 Digit Desktop Calculator MS-10B-S-EC
Casio MS-10B 10 Digit Desktop Calculator MS-10B-S-EC. Casio 10-digit desktop calculator. Percentage Calculation including profit margin. Currency Conversions (2 conversion memories). Tax calculation. Three key memory.
€16.36 €11.83 + VAT
Save 27.69%
CS09051 - Casio 12-digit Cost/Sell/Margin/Tax Calculator Silver MS-120BM-SK-UP
Casios cost sell and margin calculator features a large 12-digit display to increase clarity. It also contains percentage tax and profit calculation functions.
€27.83 €16.58 + VAT
Save 40.42%
CS16415 - Casio MX-8B-WE Desktop Calculator CS16415
Casio MX-8B-WE Desktop Calculator CS16415. User-friendly desktop calculator. 8 Digit LCD with function command signs. Two way power with solar and battery. Comfortable to use plastic keys.
€9.81 €8.37 + VAT
Save 14.68%
CS18569 - Casio Desktop Calculator JF-120ECO
Casio JF-120ECO 12 digit dual powered calculator. Features percentage and tax calculation key roll-over currency conversions independent memory 3 digit comma markers rapid correction key plus/minus sign change and rounding selector.
€32.74 €28.61 + VAT
Save 12.61%
CS18596 - Casio Desktop Calculator DJ-120D PLUS
Casio DJ-120TG desktop calculator with 12 digits. Features dual power. Tax calculations. Key rollover. calculation check profit margins and grand total key.
€52.39 €38.51 + VAT
Save 26.49%
KF01605 - Q-Connect Semi-Desktop Calculator 12-Digit KF01605
Q Connect Dual Powered 10 Digit Calculator with extra large easy to read adjustable display 4 memory keys battery back-up and auto power off. Dimensions - 138x103x31mm.
€27.51 €8.86 + VAT
Save 67.79%
KF11507 - Q-Connect Semi-Desktop 10-Digit Calculator KF11507
Q-Connect Semi-Desktop 10-Digit Calculator KF11507. Clear angled 10-digit display from a crisp LCD screen. Solar powered cell and battery backup. 4 memory buttons and auto power off.
€23.31 €6.43 + VAT
Save 72.42%
KF11508 - Q-Connect Semi-Desktop 12 Digit-Calculator KF11508
Q-Connect Semi-Desktop 12 Digit-Calculator KF11508. Clear adjustable 2 line display from a crisp LCD screen. Dual powered. Percentage and tax keys. 4 memory buttons and auto power off.
€65.46 €13.81 + VAT
Save 78.90%
KF15758 - Q-Connect Large Table Top 12 Digit Calculator Grey KF15758
12-digit calculator. Reliable and hardwearing. VAT and tax functions. Dual power options: solar and battery. Colour: grey.
€39.97 €10.35 + VAT
Save 74.11%
SH02443 - Sharp Silver 8-Digit Semi-Desktop Calculator EL-330ERB
Semi-desktop calculator with 8 digit LCD display. Tax function. 4-key memory. Euro function. Tilt display.
€11.58 €10.84 + VAT
Save 6.39%
SH50428 - Rebell Panther 12 BX Desktop Calculator RE-PANTHER 12 BX
Rebell Panther 12 BX Desktop Calculator RE-PANTHER 12 BX
€11.18 €8.86 + VAT
Save 20.75%
SP-105569 - Sharp Desktop Calculator 12 Digit 4 Key Memory Battery/Solar Power 96x12x152mm Black Ref EL124TWH
Sharp EL124TWH DeskTop Calculator. 12 Digit Large LCD display (80 x 22mm). Twin Powered. Tax buttons: +TAX / -TAX. GT Key. 3 digit punctuation. Square root / percentage. Four key memory. Easy to read tilt display to minimise glare. Type of Battery: 1 x LR1130. Standard Approvals: CE / WEEE / REACH.
€14.44 €12.78 + VAT
Save 11.50%
SP-143430 - Casio Desktop Printing Calculator 12 Digit Display 2 Colour Printing 195x65x313mm Black Ref HR-200RCE
Re-Print-Function (Option to print a calculation (max. 150 operation steps) as often as desired). Check & Correct Function (Recall and Correct option for the last 150 operations). After-Print-Function (Option to print a calculation after all operations (max. 150 operation steps) are entered). Percentage-/Delta Percentage Calculation. Rounding Selector F, 5/4. Clock / Time stamp. Key for Changing Plus/Minus Sign.
€87.31 €71.18 + VAT
Save 18.47%