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2W03985 - 2Work Multi Surface Cleaner Concentrate 5 Litre 2W03985
2Work Multi-Surface Interior Cleaner Concentrate 5-litres. Surface safe cleaner for use on all hard surfaces. Concentrated so a small amount goes a long way. Eliminates ground-in dirt and stains. Effective cleaning that leaves a lasting fresh fragrance.
€13.96 €8.99 + VAT
Save 35.60%
2W03986 - 2Work Disinfectant and Deodoriser Fresh Pine 5 Litre Bottle 2W03986
2Work Pine Disinfectant 5 litre. Powerful disinfectant and deodoriser concentrate kills odour producing fungi and neutralises unpleasant odours. Disinfect and refresh all surfaces including stainless steel chrome glass and tiles. Fresh Pine fragrance.
€10.56 €6.49 + VAT
Save 38.54%
2W04022 - 2Work Antibacterial Washing Up Liquid 5 Litre 2W04022
2Work Antibacterial Washing Up Liquid. Cuts through grase and dried on food, ideal for use in catering and hospitality. 5 litre bulk bottle.
€22.16 €13.29 + VAT
Save 40.03%
2W04497 - 2Work Floor Maintainer 5 Litre 2W04497
2Work Floor Maintainer. Leaves floors with an outstanding gloss finish. Repairs scratched or worn flooring. Thorough cleaning with a pleasant rose fragrance. Suitable for use on all floors including marble and wood. 5 litre bulk bottle.
€23.95 €14.39 + VAT
Save 39.92%
2W04498 - 2Work Floor Stripper 5 Litre 2W04498
2Work Floor Stripper. Removes metallics and non-metallised polishes from most floor surfaces. 5 litre bottle.
€36.95 €19.99 + VAT
Save 45.90%
2W04557 - 2Work Carpet Spot and Stain Remover 750ml 2W04557
2Work Carpet Spot and Stain Remover. Suitable for all washable carpets and upholstery. Rapidly breaks down a wide variety of stains. Can be used to dab stains or as a dry foam application. 750ml trigger spray.
€8.73 €4.99 + VAT
Save 42.84%
2W04569 - 2Work Lemon Floor Gel 5 Litre 2W04569
2Work Lemon Floor Gel. A concentrated low foam hard surface cleaner. Removes rubber scuff marks effectively. Suitable for use with or without a rotary polishing machine. Long lasting fresh zesty lemon fragrance. 5 litre bottle.
€19.22 €9.36 + VAT
Save 51.30%
2W04579 - 2Work Glass and Window Cleaner Trigger Spray 750ml (6 Pack) 2W04579
Trigger spray for use on glass and windows. Sparkling streak and smear-free finish. Quickly cuts through grease and grime. Biodegradable and phosphate free. Ready to use spray solution.
(Pack 6)
€34.19 €18.29 + VAT
Save 46.50%
2W04586 - 2Work Antibacterial Surface Spray 750ml (6 Pack) 2W04586
2Work Antibacterial Sanitiser Trigger Spray 750ml. Gets rid of 99.99 percent of all bacteria and works against MRSA. Ready to use just spray and wipe ideal for hospitals and catering environments.
(Pack 6)
€33.36 €19.79 + VAT
Save 40.68%
2W04587 - 2Work Multi Surface Trigger Spray 750ml (6 Pack) 2W04587
Cutting through all grime and dirt 2Work Multi-Surface Cleaner is essential for hygiene of your workplace. Supplied in 6 x 750ml spray bottles.
(Pack 6)
€35.38 €19.99 + VAT
Save 43.50%
2W04610 - 2Work Floor Polish 5 Litre 2W04610
2Work Floor Polish 5 Litre. Thermoplastic polymer protects flooring from scuffs and scratches. Ultra hard wearing and long lasting. Builds up good slip resistance. Suitable for all non-porous floors including vinyl and rubber.
€54.51 €29.99 + VAT
Save 44.98%
2W06292 - 2Work Neutral Floor Cleaner 5 Litre 2W06292
Floor cleaner with fresh lemon fragrance. Suitable for mopping and spray mopping. Safe for all hard floors including PVC marble linoleum and wood.
€16.74 €8.99 + VAT
Save 46.30%
2W06293 - 2Work Dishwashing Neutral Detergent 5 Litre 2W06293
Powerful but mild Dishwashing Neutral Detergent. Cleans to a sparkling finish. Also ideal for general purpose cleaning. Concentrated. 5 litre bottle.
€13.74 €8.39 + VAT
Save 38.94%
2W06294 - 2Work Sanitary Cleaner and Descaler 5 Litre 2W06294
2-in-1 cleaner and descaler. Concentrated formula: use neat to remove limescale from toilets diluted to clean floors showers sinks and more. Not suitable for vitreous enamel or acid-sensitive surfaces. Pack of 2 x 5 litre bottles.
€21.00 €11.29 + VAT
Save 46.24%
2W06296 - 2Work Enzyme Drain Maintainer 5 Litre 2W06296
Drain cleaner with biological enzymes. Digests fats oils protein grease and starch. Eliminates bad odours and blockages. Fragrance free. Use automatically or manually. 5 litre bottle.
€90.92 €47.42 + VAT
Save 47.84%
2W06297 - 2Work Heavy Duty Toilet Cleaner 1 Litre (12 Pack) 2W06297
Extra strong descaler and cleaner. Removes hard water marks and rust from surfaces in kitchens washrooms showers etc. Use neat for stubborn stains or diluted for general cleaning.
€107.74 €55.34 + VAT
Save 48.64%
2W06302 - 2Work Premium Rinse Aid 5 Litre
This premium rinse aid additive guarantees a sparkling finish. It is a blend of specialist surfactants and mild acids and is also suitable for washing machines. Supplied in a 5 litre bottle.
€30.27 €16.49 + VAT
Save 45.52%
2W06303 - 2Work Extraction Carpet Cleaner 5 Litre 2W06303
Detergent for cleaning and revitalising carpets with spray extractors. Safer than steam for delicate carpets. Dilute for normal use heavy duty use or pre-spotting. Pack of 2 x 5 litre bottles.
€22.78 €12.29 + VAT
Save 46.05%
2W06309 - Dose It C1 Multipurpose Cleaner 1 Litre (8 Pack) 2W06309
Multipurpose cleaner. Use daily in offices for effective cleaning. Low residue. Concentrated for 50 spray bottles or 25 buckets. Pack of 8 x 1 litre bottles.
€61.68 €50.39 + VAT
Save 18.30%
2W07558 - 2Work Pink Pearl Hand Soap 750ml 2W07558
2Work Pink Pearlised Luxury Liquid Hand Soap. Rich foamy lather suitable for all skin types even sensitive. Leaves hands feeling soft and fragrant. Economical 750ml bottle ideal for use in washroom dispensers.
€5.95 €3.89 + VAT
Save 34.62%
2W70643 - 2Work Antibacterial Handwash 750ml 2W70643
2Work Antibacterial Handwash 750ml 426SOC. Non-tainting and odourless. Suitable for all skin types. Designed for food environments and healthcare. Can be used to refill bulk fill soap dispensers.
€5.99 €3.89 + VAT
Save 35.06%
2W75442 - 2Work Concentrated Bactericidal Cleaner Sanitiser 5 Litre 2W75442
2Work Concentrated Bactericidal Cleaner Sanitiser. Specialist disinfectant suitable for use in surgeries, kitchens, morgues and accident sites. Kills 99.99 percent of bacteria. 5 litre bulk bottle.
€23.58 €14.80 + VAT
Save 37.23%
2W75443 - 2Work Fragrant Surface Sanitiser 5 Litre 2W75443
2Work Fragrant Surface Sanitiser. Neutral cleaner and disinfectant with a violet fragrance for use on all hard surfaces, including stainless steel. Kills 99.99 percent of bacteria. 5 litre bulk bottle.
€19.51 €12.82 + VAT
Save 34.29%
2W85444 - 2Work Disinfectant Deodoriser Lemon Scent 202
2Work Bactericidal Disinfectant Deodoriser. Designed for regular use with fresh lemon fragrance. Can be used on any water washable surface. Kills 99.99 percent of bacteria. 5 litre bulk bottle.
€15.49 €8.99 + VAT
Save 41.96%