Suspension Filing - Tabs
Suspension Filing - Tabs
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ES94514 - Esselte Classic 50mm Tabs and Inserts (25 Pack) 94514
Esselte Classic Suspension Tab Plastic Pk 25 94514-R1. For use with Esselte Classic suspension files.
€16.63 €9.36 + VAT
Save 43.72%
KF21002 - Q-Connect Suspension File Tabs Clear (50 Pack) KF21002
Clear plastic helps magnify the text on the insert for easy viewing. Angled for easy reading. Specially designed feet grip the suspension files neatly. Designed to work with the Q-Connect suspension filing range. Use with Q-Connect File Inserts.
€49.34 €1.91 + VAT
Save 96.13%
RX58106 - Rexel 50mm Suspension File Tabs with Labels Clear (25 Pack) 2115596
Rexel 50mm Suspension File Tabs with clear labels. Supplied with paper labels. Size: 50mm. Pack of 25.
€14.28 €10.84 + VAT
Save 24.09%
SG01236 - Cathedral Assorted Dry Erase Suspension File Tabs (50 Pack) FPCLIPDRY50ASS
Dry erase tabs for suspension files. Use with drywipe pens. Write erase and re-write whenever you need. Fits any hanging suspension file. Cover prevents accidental erasing. Pack of 50 tabs. Assorted colours
€36.49 €23.71 + VAT
Save 35.02%
SP-012903 - Snopake HangGlider Plastic Tabs for Suspension File Clear Ref 10278 [Pack 25]
Packed 25. Clear plastic tab ONLY for the Snopake HangGlider suspension file.
€18.33 €10.84 + VAT
Save 40.86%
TW13794 - Rexel Crystalfile Flexi Index Divider Tabs Clear (50 Pack) 3000057
Clear tabs for easy separation and labelling of your products. Tabs can be inserted into several slots to create staggered effect. Helps to separate and organise files. Ensures that data is correctly labelled. For use with Crystalfile Suspension files.
€28.70 €17.77 + VAT
Save 38.08%
TW78020 - Rexel Crystalfile Plastic Suspension File Tabs Clear (50 Pack) 78022
Crystalfile Tabs. Snap on tabs for use with all Crystalfiles except linked and lateral. Colour - Clear.
€63.09 €26.63 + VAT
Save 57.79%
TW78289 - Rexel Crystalfile Classic Tabs Clear (50 Pack) 78289
Twinlock linked top tabs to be used with linked crystal file. Shown complete with linked Crystalfile.
€46.98 €29.60 + VAT
Save 36.99%
BX40030 - Elba Flex Suspension File Tabs (25 Pack) 100330217
Elba Flex Suspension File Tabs (Pack of 25) 100330217. Tabs for use with Elba Flex suspension files. Made from clear plastic. Provide quick identification of file contents. Colour: Clear. Pack of 25.
€17.71 €13.11 + VAT
Save 25.97%