Envelopes C5 - Manila Window
Envelopes C5 - Manila Window
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JDF26639 - New Guardian C5 Envelopes Window Pocket Peel and Seal 130gsm Manilla (250 Pack) F26639
New Guardian Envelope. Manilla C5 window peel and seal envelopes. Manufactured from high quality 130gsm paper with a subtle ribbed finish and distinctive sheen. Easy open device. Size: C5 229 x 162mm. Colour: Manilla.
€67.92 €36.53 + VAT
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JDL26311 - New Guardian C5 Envelopes Internal Mail ReSealable 85gsm Orange (500 Pack) L26311
New Guardian Internal Mail Envelopes. Features 50 address boxes. Reusable Intertac flap and holes for checking if documents are inside. Weight - 85gsm. Size: C5 229x162mm. Colour: Orange.
€220.68 €103.90 + VAT
Save 52.92%
KF97370 - Q-Connect C5 Envelopes Window Pocket Peel and Seal 115gsm Manilla (500 Pack) KF97370
Q-Connect Manilla Window Envelopes. High quality envelopes. Manufactured from 115gsm manilla with a window and peel and seal flap. C5 229 x 162mm.
€100.58 €38.49 + VAT
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€51.87 €37.52 + VAT
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€52.98 €38.51 + VAT
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SP-134923 - Blake Premium AvantGarde Pocket Wndw P&S Cream Manilla C5 130gsm Ref AG0020 Pk250 *10 Day Leadtime*
Peel and Seal. Heavy Weight. Recycled. 130 and 140gsm. 5 Year Shelf Life. Powerseal.
€64.63 €45.44 + VAT
Save 29.69%