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AO13266 - Aurora HC133 Pocket Calculator White (30 Pack) CK30
Aurora Pocket Calculator Class Pack. 8 digit large clear display. Robust and easy to use. Large numeric keyboard with durable hard keys. Dual solar and battery power. Includes a 3 key memory. Supplied in robust box perfect for classroom use
€182.85 €123.70 + VAT
Save 32.35%
AO16071 - Aurora HC133 Pocket Calculator White HC133
Aurora 8 digit dual powered pocket calculator which features large keys and a clear keyboard for ease of use. Dimensions 69x115x15mm.
€5.42 €5.19 + VAT
Save 4.24%
AO41441 - Aurora Black/White 8-Digit Handheld Calculator EC101
Aurora EcoCalc 8-digit handheld calculator made from recycled plastic packaging made from 90% plus recycled paper and zero air miles during transportation. Features ISO14001 RoHS and WEEE compliant Large keys large display and large answer bar.
€5.55 €5.54 + VAT
Save 0.18%
CS16116 - Casio SL-460 Pocket Calculator SL-460L-S-UP
Casio SL-460 Pocket Calculator SL-460L-S-UP. Casio 8-digit pocket calculator. Three digit comma markers. Key for changing plus/minus sign. Three key memory. Square root.
€7.93 €7.38 + VAT
Save 6.94%
CS16781 - Casio Pocket 8-Digit Calculator SL-300SV
Casio SL-300SV-SK-UP pocket calculator with large 8 digit display non stick plastic keys 3 key memory profit margin % sign change square root auto power off 4 constants 4 key memory and 3 digit comma marker.
€9.52 €7.38 + VAT
Save 22.48%
CS17267 - Casio Pocket 12-Digit Calculator SL-320TER+
Casio SL-320TER+-SK-UP pocket calculator. Dual powered 12 digit calculator with currency conversion tax calculations profit margin % Euro conversion sign change function command signs 4 constants 3 key memory and auto power off.
€14.29 €10.84 + VAT
Save 24.14%
KF01602 - Q-Connect Pocket Calculator 8-Digit KF01602
Q-Connect Compact 8 digit Dual Powered Calculator with an extra large display. Supplied complete with wallet. Dimensions - 99x58x6mm
€14.19 €2.96 + VAT
Save 79.14%
KF01603 - Q-Connect Silver Large 10-Digit Pocket Calculator KF01603
Q-Connect Large Pocket 12 Digit Dual Powered Calculator with large easy to read display and rubber keys for ease of use. Dimensions - 116x69x6mm.
€34.49 €7.87 + VAT
Save 77.18%
SH02336 - Sharp Silver 8-Digit Hand Held Pocket Calculator EL240SAB
Sharp Pocket Calculator - EL240S. Handheld 8-digit calculator with a large LCD display plastic keys dual powered 3 key memory large slanted display and last answer function. Dimensions - 71 x 116 x 165mm.
€5.95 €5.44 + VAT
Save 8.57%
SH50309 - Rebell 5G Pocket Calculator RE-POCKET 5G
Rebell 5G Pocket Calculator RE-POCKET 5G
€6.48 €4.45 + VAT
Save 31.33%
SP-105562 - Sharp Pocket Calculator 8 Digit Display 3 Key Memory Battery Powered 60x8x103mm Black Ref EL233SBBK
Compact size - fits a jacket/shirt pocket. Lightweight. Large display. 8 Digits. Long life plastic keys. Memory function. Percentage function - perfect for business. Good build quality.
€4.15 €4.14 + VAT
Save 0.24%
SP-427301 - Casio Handheld Calculator 8 Digit 3 Key Memory Solar and Battery Power 57x7x102mm Silver Ref HS8V-S-U-H
Large display. Brushed metal finish. 8 Digit display. 3 Key memory. Percent, square root. Sign change. Large + key. Auto power off. Solar/battery powered: LR54 (included). Wallet. WxDxH: 57x102x8mm.
€7.03 €6.92 + VAT
Save 1.56%
SP-910318 - 5 Star Office Handheld Calculator 8 Digit 3 Key Memory Solar and Battery Power 56x8x100mm Black
8 Digit display. 3 Key memory. Flat display. Protective wallet. Battery Powered: LR54. Battery: 1 x LR54 (included). WxDxH: 56x8x100mm. Dual powered by solar and battery. Three Key Memory. Square root display. Percentage key. Dual-Powered solar and 1xLR54 Battery (included).
€17.59 €2.37 + VAT
Save 86.53%
SP-936724 - 5 Star Office Pocket Calculator 8 Key Display Solar and Battery Power 63x17x113mm Black
8 Digit display. Dual-powered by Solar and Battery. Includes a % Key. Battery (included): 1 x LR54. Recyclable (Plastic, glass). Flat display. Three Key Memory. Percentage key. Square root. Dual-Powered solar and 1xLR54 Battery (included).
€16.05 €6.43 + VAT
Save 59.94%
TA16178 - Tallon Black/Silver Pocket Calculator (12 Pack) 6178
Tallon Pocket Calculator 6178. Pack of 12.
€38.88 €24.70 + VAT
Save 36.47%
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