Drinks Dispensers - Water
Drinks Dispensers - Water
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SP-847640 - Spring Water Bottle Recyclable for Office Water Cooler Systems 15 Litre Ref VDBW15
Sourced and bottled in England. 100% recyclable. Fits most brands of dispensers.
€12.27 €10.06 + VAT
Save 18.01%
CPD70000 - MyCafe Cooler Compatible 15 Litre Bottled Water 0201005
The 15 litre bottle has a handle at the top for easier portability and a non-spill system for easy water changing. Plastic bottle is 100% recyclable. Non returnable.
€19.85 €10.35 + VAT
Save 47.86%
€24.91 €22.72 + VAT
Save 8.79%
PIK06158 - Brita 600ml Vital Water Bottle Purple BA0104
Brita 600ml Vital Water Bottle Purple BA0104. Practical flip top lid. MicroDisc Technology effectively reduces substances that may impair the taste of water whilst retaining minerals such as magnesium and calcium.
€27.84 €27.83 + VAT
Save 0.04%
SP-780271 - Sterilisation Kit for Water Cooler Dispenser Ref C06342
Cleans, disinfects and sanitises, destroying germs and bacteria. For use as part of regular maintenance program. For use with freestanding water coolers.
€31.12 €27.28 + VAT
Save 12.34%
CPD00002 - Water Cooler Care Kit 299006
Water cooler care kit cleans disinfects and sanitises your water cooler and destroys germs and bacteria. Comprises sanitising solution spray top scouring pad and tap brush.
€35.53 €21.73 + VAT
Save 38.84%
PIK00912 - Brita Maxtra Water Filter Cartridge (3 Pack) BA5349
Brita Maxtra Water Filter Cartridge for use with the Brita Marella Cool water filter jug (PIK00265).
€43.81 €23.71 + VAT
Save 45.88%
AU20097 - Infuser Reusable Water Bottle 750ml Assorted (12 Pack) 20097
Infuser Reusable Water Bottle 750ml Assorted Pack of 12 20097
€68.24 €62.27 + VAT
Save 8.75%
SP-141253 - Water Bottle Storage Rack for Four Bottles WxDxH: 310x467x1063mm
Water Cooler Storage Rack. Compatible with 4 Bottles.
€88.52 €76.13 + VAT
Save 14.00%
SP-780255 - Water Cooler Dispenser Cold Water Floor Standing White Ref BP22WH-GBJE
A robust economy cooler providing cool and cold water. An ideal cooler for any environment. For use with 15 litre water bottles. Plugged into mains electricity supply to provide chilled water.
€267.34 €264.00 + VAT
Save 1.25%
SP-138837 - SpringWise Hot/Cold Water Dispenser Floor Standing Ref CJCC-BP24WH-GBJE
SpringWise Classic Floor Standing Hot/Cold Water Dispenser. Water bottle sold separately. Provide filtered water for your staff and visitors at a fraction of the price of bottled water. Tall, floor-standing dispenser suits general office areas, warehouses and showrooms. Water bottles can be recycled when empty.
€289.32 €289.31 + VAT
Save 0.00%
CPD00392 - White Floor Standing Water Dispenser VDB21
Floor standing water dispenser with cool and cold taps stainless steel reservoir cooler indicator ready lights and removable dishwasher safe tray. Non spill system for easy bottle changes. Dimensions: W37 x D37 x H104cm. Non returnable.
€433.40 €306.41 + VAT
Save 29.30%
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