Fountain Pens - Black Barrel
Fountain Pens - Black Barrel
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PA03123 - Parker Vector Fountain Blue Pen Medium 67407 S0881041
Parker Vector a versatile modern high function and practically styled fountain pen for both students and professionals. Standard Fountain Pen. Colour: Blue. Supplied with washable royal blue ink cartridge.
€24.18 €16.78 + VAT
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SK21803 - Snopake Platignum Fountain Pen Black (12 Pack) 50460
Snopake Platignum Fountain Pen Black Pack of 12 50460. Ready to use fountain pens with no need for cartridges or converters. Stainless steel tip and diamond shaped ink level window.
€32.63 €21.73 + VAT
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SP-017129 - Pentel JM20 Fountain Pen Disposable Dual-sided Fibre-Nib 0.3-0.4mm Line Black Ref JM20MB-A [Pack 12]
Has the performance standards of a fountain pen. Unlike fountain pens it will not flood, blot, leak or dry up. Dual-sided nib adjusts to writers style. Line width: 03 - 04mm. Line width: 0.3 - 0.4mm.
(Pack 12)
€64.04 €49.95 + VAT
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