Dry Markers - Red
Dry Markers - Red
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AR84736 - Artline Clix Refill for EK573 Markers Red (12 Pack) EK573RRED
Artline Clix Refill for EK573 Markers Red (Pack of 12) EK573RRED. Refill cartridge for Artline Clix EK573 markers. Low odour ink (Xylene free). Ink colour: Red. Supplied in a pack of 12.
€31.70 €18.80 + VAT
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BC06222 - Bic Velleda 1701 Drywipe Marker Bullet Tip Red (Pack of 12) 1199170103
New alcohol based ink formula brings you low odour leaves no marks when wiped out and bright colours. Conical design fits snugly in the hand for better writing control. Red Pack 12.
(Pack 12)
€41.28 €17.89 + VAT
Save 56.66%
ED91820 - Edding 28 Ecoline Drywipe Markers (Pack of 10) Red 4-28002
Edding 28 Ecoline Drywipe Markers (Pack of 10) Red 4-28002. Made from 90% recycled plastic, including at least 83% post-consumer materials. Several days cap off time. Round nip with 1.5-3.0mm line width. Secure cap with clip. Ink colour: Red.
€24.78 €23.75 + VAT
Save 4.16%
KF26037 - Q-Connect Drywipe Marker Pen Red (10 Pack) KF26037
Q Drywipe Markers. Xylene free drywipe markers for use on Whiteboards. Low odour ink dries instantly yet can be removed easily with a dry cloth. Colour: Red.
(Pack 10)
€117.97 €8.86 + VAT
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SP-296131 - 5 Star Office Drywipe Marker Xylene/Toluene-free Bullet Tip 3mm Line Red [Pack 12]
Bullet tip. Line width: 2mm. Colour: Red. Packed 12. Xylene/toluene-free.
(Pack 12)
€48.24 €7.38 + VAT
Save 84.70%