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SEC00016 - Securikey Charm Alarm Assorted PACA/SA
Easy to operate personal alarm with an ear piercing 105 DB siren. Can be easily attached to a handbag or keying and activated by a simple pull action. Overall size 40 x 30mm.
€14.36 €5.97 + VAT
Save 58.43%
SP-102037 - Mini Key Ring Alarm with Torch 130db Siren
Key ring style personal alarm with super bright torch. The most powerful, small electronic personal alarm available. 130+dB ear piercing alarm operated by rip cord action. Separate key ring attachment prevents accidental activation. Strobe flashes when alarm is activated. Supplied with A23 Alkaline 12V battery. WxDxH: 70x35x13mm.
€21.33 €14.80 + VAT
Save 30.61%
FM81010 - Domestic Smoke Alarm ESA1
Battery powered domestic smoke alarms to provide early warning of a fire. Ideally positioned in the centre of the ceiling the alarms feature a low battery warning and a manual test feature. Battery not supplied.
€21.89 €10.84 + VAT
Save 50.48%
SEC16070 - Securikey Personal Alarm Black/Silver PAECABlack
Securikey Elite Cordless Personal Alarm. Activated by pushing the sides to give a 120 decibel siren. Deactivated by pushing the reset button at the base. Features a robust case with spring clip fixing. Dimensions: 75 x 40mm. Weight: 23g.
€22.69 €25.64 + VAT
Save -13.00%
SEC00001 - Sure Guard Electronic Personal Attack Alarm PASC
A powerful compact personal alarm which emits 140 decibel siren that is audible up to half a mile away. Includes 9V battery.
€26.16 €19.75 + VAT
Save 24.50%
SP-627327 - Personal Mini Alarm 100dB Silver
100dB siren. Rip-cord activation. Battery Included: 1 x 1.5 Volt (AG13/LR34/A76).
€29.70 €23.17 + VAT
Save 21.99%
HX14241 - Helix Personal Attack Alarm With Torch Silver PS2070
Helix Personal Attack Alarm with Torch Silver PS2070. Compact and powerful. 100dB siren. Designed to deter attackers or call for help. Built-in torch. Rip cord operation.
€34.38 €8.46 + VAT
Save 75.39%
HX14234 - Helix Mini Personal Alarm Silver PS1070
Helix Mini Personal Alarm Silver PS1070. Compact and powerful. 100dB siren. Designed to deter attackers or call for help. Key chain and ring for easy access and transportation.
€36.70 €6.83 + VAT
Save 81.39%