Envelopes C6 - White Plain
Envelopes C6 - White Plain
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BLK71175 - Blake PurelyEveryday C6 90gsm Self Seal White Envelopes (Pack of 50) 2602/50PR 2602/50PR
Blake PurelyEveryday C6 90gsm Self Seal White Envelopes (Pack of 50) 2602/50PR. Plain wallet envelopes. 90 gsm paper. Self seal closure. Size: C6. Colour: White. Pack of 50.
€6.92 €5.19 + VAT
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JDF23470 - Plus Fabric C6 Envelope Wallet Self Seal 120gsm White (Pack of 500) F23470
Plus Fabric Envelopes. White business envelopes manufactured from 110gsm heavyweight paper with press seal closure and supplied in extra strong boxes to keep the envelopes in pristine condition. Pack of 500. Size: C6 - 114x162mm.
€231.79 €89.99 + VAT
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KF02714 - Q-Connect C6 Envelope Wallet Self Seal 80gsm White (Pack of 1000) KF02714
Q-Connect White Envelopes. Made from 80gsm paper Banker style envelope with self seal flap. Size: C6 114x162mm. Colour: White.
(Pack 20)
€587.63 €108.85 + VAT
Save 81.48%
KF3472 - Q-Connect C6 Envelope Wallet Self Seal 90gsm White (Pack of 1000) 7042
Q-Connect White Envelopes. 90gsm Banker style envelope with self-seal flap. Size: C6 114mmx162mm.
€562.38 €62.27 + VAT
Save 88.93%
POF27425 - Postpak C6 Peel and Seal Manilla 80gsm 26 Packs of 20 Envelopes 9730813
Postpak C6 Manilla Envelopes. Retail packs (26 Packs of 20 Envelopes). White business envelopes. Peel & seal closure for secure protection. Quality 80gsm paper. Size: C6 (114mm x 162mm).
€98.90 €38.51 + VAT
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SP-H90019 - 5 Star Office Envelopes PEFC Recycled Wallet Self Seal Lightweight 80gsm C6 114x162mm White [Pack 1000]
Wallet style. Size: C6 114x162mm. Boxed 1000. Lightweight 80g/m2 Envelopes. Self Seal. PEFC™ certified. 100% recycled. Colour: White.
€322.76 €78.11 + VAT
Save 75.80%