A3 Multipurpose Paper - White 80gsm
A3 Multipurpose Paper - White 80gsm
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KF01089 - Q-Connect White A3 80gsm Copier Paper (500 Pack) KF01089
Q-Connect Copier A3 Paper 80gsm White Ream Pack of 500 KF01089. 80gsm smooth white paper ideal for your everyday copier and laser printing needs. Size: A3.
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PPR00613 - Navigator A3 Universal White Paper (2500 Pack) NAVA380
Navigator Universal Paper A3 80gsm White Ream NAVA380.A multifunctional paper for use with all mono and colour office equipment. Superior smooth surface for improved print quality and reduced office machine downtime.
(Pack 5)
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CO01119 - Canon A3 Yellow Label Standard Paper 80gsm White 96600553
Canon Yellow Label Standard ECF A3 Paper 80gsm 97003515. Produces high quality print in all applications. 150 CIE whiteness. 80gsm.
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MO08330 - Discovery A3 White Paper 75gsm (500 Pack) 59911
Discovery A3 Paper. Ideal for use in copier and laser machines. Sourced from responsibly managed forests. 75gsm. Colour: White. Pack of 500.
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SP-137975 - Evolution Business Paper FSC Recycled Ream-wrapped 80gsm A3 White Ref EVBU4280 [500 Sheets]
Recycled paper from 100% recovered fibre according to FSC. Based on bioenergy and local sourcing, inhouse de-inking, no landfill, closed loop. High opacity, excellent Whiteness. Great value paper suitable for a wide range of everyday applications. Also available in folio sheets and reels.
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XR91721 - Xerox Premier A3 Paper 80gsm White Ream 003R91721 (Pack of 500)
Xerox 003R91721 A3 Premier paper 80gsm. A high white top quality A grade premium office paper. A totally versatile paper which adds the finishing touches to your documents. Ideal brightness and smoothness. For laser and inkjet printers and copiers.
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XX90569 - Xerox Performer A3 Paper 80gsm White Ream (500 Pack) 003R90569
Good quality copier/laser paper for general office use on laser printers inkjet printers and copiers. EU flower certified product. 145 CIE whiteness. Size: A3. 80gsm.
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