Online Account Information

7 Good Reasons For Opening up an Online Account with Abbey Office and Furniture Supplies

Online Account/Business Account:


  1. You get personalised company specific pricing

  2. You have better payment options

  3. You can rely on cheaper delivery costs

  4. You can keep records of your past orders

  5. You can print online invoices with our vat id

  6. You can keep up to date with regular pricing discounts

  7. You get all of the above plus its easy to open and were only a phone call away if you need help.


And just to be different we like to give you an alternative

Guest Account/Online Surfer:


If you need none of the above, there is a option as guest customer. And all you have to do place an order online is enter you email address, delivery address and contact number. All of the essentials to get your goods delivered, With the least amount of hassle.


Phone Now If you have any question: +353 (0)1 8511022


We are an Irish company with over 25 years experience of doing business in the Irish market and we know what our customers need.


If you have any further inquires please don't hesitate to contact for further details.