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AO42044 - Aurora Silver/Grey 12-Digit Desk Calculator DT401
Aurora Euro Calculator - D7401. Desk top calculator that features a large adjustable display for optimum viewing extra large keypad for ease of use durable hard keys for everyday heavy-duty use programmable currency converter and Set key.
€33.58 €21.01 + VAT
Save 37.43%
CS16701 - Casio 12-Digit Silver Financial Calculator FC-100V-UM
Financial calculator with a 4 line display. Extremely easy to use to work out interest payments debt mortgages savings etc . Also has as all normal calculator features plus Logs trig/inverse trig statistics random number generator etc
€72.66 €42.91 + VAT
Save 40.94%
HP43704 - HP 10bii+ Financial Calculator HP-10BIIPLUS/B12
HP 10bii+ Financial Calculator HP-10BIIPLUS/B12. Ideal for accountants, bankers and mathematicians, this financial calculator has 170 built-in statistical, mathematical and financial functions. It has a 1-line 12-digit LCD display.
€103.59 €75.62 + VAT
Save 27.00%
€382.51 + VAT Haggle
SP-170003 - Olympus DM-720 Meet & Record Kit Large Rechargeable Built In USB Ref V414111SE020
Optimize every recording. Adjusts to its environment. Noise canceling.
€517.45 + VAT Haggle