Packing Equipment
Packing Equipment
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JFJEK - White Strapping and Film Cutter Tool JFK
Strapping and Film Cutter. A low cost solution to packaging cutting needs. Suitable for cutting most packaging film including stretch and shrink wrap bubble wrap and strapping.
€6.33 €3.21 + VAT
Save 49.29%
MA04365 - Cruze Yellow Safety Tape/Packing Cutter
Cruze Safety Cutter. Inbound blade cuts with ease through pallet wrap and polypropylene strapping. Handy box cutter pierces box sealing tape without damaging the goods contained within.
€8.25 €2.96 + VAT
Save 64.12%
SE04330 - Sellotape Premium Hand Case Sealer with Brake 503978
Sellotape Premium Hand Case Sealer with Brake will use a roll up to 50mm wide and 132m long. Durable metal construction with easy grip handle. Pack of 1.
€56.49 €16.78 + VAT
Save 70.30%
MA99425 - Universal Stretch Wrap Dispenser Freestanding 422
Free-standing metal Stretchwrap dispenser. Accepts 400mm or 500mm Stretchwrap on 38mm 50mm or 75mm cores.
€96.80 €35.54 + VAT
Save 63.29%
MA91500 - Portable Metal Strapping Floor Stand 91796001
Portable Metal Strap Floor Stand. Metal stand that is simple to load and use. The handle acts both as a carrier and brake to prevent strapping running off. (Strapping not included).
€128.30 €61.28 + VAT
Save 52.24%
MA87110 - Carton Strapping Kit Complete 87110
Carton Sealing Kit. Each kit contains a 12mm combination banding machine a roll of 12mmx2000m Black strapping 2000 - 12mm metal seals and a portable metal floor stand. (All items in the kit are available separately).
€619.67 €326.21 + VAT
Save 47.36%