Packing Equipment
Packing Equipment
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SE04330 - Sellotape Hand Case Sealer 50mmx132m 503978
Sellotape Hand Case Sealer 50mmx132m 503978 Premium quality case and carton sealer. Quality metal construction for durability. Moulded easy grip handle. Control brake to reduce wastage. For rolls up to 50mm wide and 132m long.
€84.64 €18.80 + VAT
Save 77.79%
MA04365 - Cruze Yellow Safety Tape/Packing Cutter
Cruze Safety Cutter. Inbound blade cuts with ease through pallet wrap and polypropylene strapping. Handy box cutter pierces box sealing tape without damaging the goods contained within.
€12.68 €6.43 + VAT
Save 49.29%
MA87110 - Carton Strapping Kit Complete 87110
Carton Sealing Kit. Each kit contains a 12mm combination banding machine a roll of 12mmx2000m Black strapping 2000 - 12mm metal seals and a portable metal floor stand. (All items in the kit are available separately).
€570.21 €276.71 + VAT
Save 51.47%