Letter Trays - Risers
Letter Trays - Risers
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AV13734 - Avery Letter Tray Risers 118mm Black (4 Pack) 404B-118
Avery steel plated risers for use with Avery Original letter trays. Gives 115mm clearance between trays. Fit easily to four corners of tray. Made from plated steel for durability. Black.
€7.74 €3.70 + VAT
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CEP40640 - CEP Ice Blue Letter Tray Risers (2 Pack) 140 ICE BLUE
CEP Ice Blue Letter Tray Risers 140 ICE BLUE. The blue risers create up to 80mm extra space between trays for easy document retrieval. Pack of 2.
€32.63 €11.83 + VAT
Save 63.75%
KF05565 - Q-Connect Executive Letter Tray Risers Black (4 Pack) KF05565
Q-Connect Clip-on Risers for Q-Connect Plus Executive Letter Trays. Colour - Black. Set 4. Shown complete with letter trays.
€24.56 €5.68 + VAT
Save 76.87%
KF10059 - Q-Connect Letter Tray Risers Steel (4 Pack) KF10059
Q-Connect Steel Risers. Suitable for Q-Connect and other compatible letter trays. Clearance height of 123mm. Shown with letter trays.
€33.89 €2.56 + VAT
Save 92.45%
MY403 - Avery Letter Risers 75mm Plastic Black (4 Pack) 403
Avery Letter Risers 75mm Plastic Black (Pack of 4) 403. Provides 75mm clearance between trays. Made from high impact polystyrene. Allows trays to be stacked providing additional, space saving storage.
€12.94 €4.20 + VAT
Save 67.54%
SP-126745 - Letter Tray Risers [Pack 2] Ref 777
Risers for Wire Letter Trays - Pack2. Made from plastic coated wire. Riser will allow for 120mm Space.
€13.57 €8.37 + VAT
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€2.77 €1.28 + VAT
Save 53.79%
SP-573926 - Avery DTR Risers Metal for All Avery Trays 118mm Steel Ref 404Z-118 [Pack 4]
Fit all Avery Stacking Trays. Designed to give a clearance between trays of 118mm. Each pack includes four connectors, one for each corner of your trays.
€5.00 €3.54 + VAT
Save 29.20%
SP-938020 - 5 Star Office Risers for Letter Tray Chrome Plated 152mm [Pack 4]
High quality, everyday range of office accessories. Risers (set of 4). Give 152mm clearance. Chrome.
€2.83 €2.17 + VAT
Save 23.32%
SP-943259 - 5 Star Elite Exec Letter Tray Riser Height 80mm Black [Pack 4]
Pack of four risers for use with 5 Star™ Elite Executive letter trays. Add extra height to your letter trays with these Risers. Modern and stylish to compliment the letter tray. Proudly Manufactured in the UK Since 1980!
€8.80 €5.19 + VAT
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