Suspension Filing - Inserts
Suspension Filing - Inserts
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TW13795 - Rexel Crystalfile Flexi Tab Inserts White (Pack of 50) 3000058
White tab inserts for easy labelling of your files. Fully customisable for your convenience. Helps to separate and organise files. Fit neatly into Rexel Flexi Tabs. For use with Crystalfile Suspension files.
€11.96 €5.44 + VAT
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TW78050 - Rexel Crystalfile Printable Filing Inserts White (Pack of 50) 78050
Twinlock Crystalfile Inserts. An efficient method of highlighting priority files or setting up a fast retrieval colour coded filing system (Blue Green and Pink also available). Colour - White. (for clear tabs see TW78020).
€13.19 €5.68 + VAT
Save 56.94%
TW13770 - Rexel Crystalfile Classic Inserts Crystal Link White (Pack of 50) 3000039
Inserts for Crystalfile suspension files. Printable for easy and clear labelling. Streamlines data retrieval to save you time. Perfect for improving office efficiency.
€22.60 €10.84 + VAT
Save 52.04%
TW78290 - Rexel Crystalfile Classic Linked Tab Inserts White (Pack of 50) 78290
Twinlock linked White inserts to be used with linked crystal file. Shown complete with linked Crystalfile.
€23.94 €9.85 + VAT
Save 58.86%
KF21003 - Q-Connect Suspension File Insert White (51 Pack) KF21003
Pack of 50 blank suspension file inserts. Great for relabeling and reusing your files. Presented on a handy A4 sheet. Perforated for easy separation. Blank for writing or printing. Designed to fit inside Q-Connect filing tabs. Colour: White.
€26.88 €3.21 + VAT
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SP-208480 - Elba Verticflex Card Inserts for Suspension File Tabs White Ref 100330218 [Pack 800]
Card Tab Inserts for Verticflex Suspension Files. Inserts are for illustration purposes only. Packed 800.
€35.06 €24.96 + VAT
Save 28.81%
ES32620 - Orgarex Suspension File Insert White (Pack of 250) 326200
Esselte Orgarex Suspension File Inserts for use with Orgarex Suspension Files. Write on your own title then insert into magnifying label holders to create your own bespoke filing system. 10pks of 25 labels. Colour: Blue.
€75.05 €28.61 + VAT
Save 61.88%