Wall Maps - Country
Wall Maps - Country
MM90301 - Map Marketing UK Postcode Areas Laminated Map BIPA
Laminated Postcode Map. Full colour map clearly showing the country broken down by Postcode area in red with county boundaries in green. Greater London postcodes illustrated in an inset. Scale 12.5miles to 1 inch. 120 x 83cm.
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MM90401 - Map Marketing British Isles Motoring Laminated Map BIM
British Isles Motoring Map. Motorways primary and A and B roads depicted with insets showing Greater London main routes and a mileage chart. Size: 50x35. Scale - 12.5 miles: 1 inch.
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SP-05322X - Map Marketing British Isles Motoring Map Unframed 12.5 Miles to 1 inch Scale W830xH1200mm Ref BIM

LAMINATED MAPS: Permanently bonded between two sheets of tough, flexible, crystal clear plastic making them virtually indestructible. It also gives the map surface a dry or white finish allowing you to update information at a stroke. Main roads and mileages shown, with both road and contour colouring. WxH: 830x1200mm. Scale - 12.5 miles: 1 inch.

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