Surface Sanitisers, Hand Sanitisers and Hand Soaps
Surface Sanitisers, Hand Sanitisers and Hand Soaps
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AOS-1660 - Craftex Hand Sanitising Gel 70% Alcohol 5 Litres

Craftex Hand Gel effective 70% alcohol formulation for cleaning and prtecting your hands. 5 Litres.

€49.50 + VAT Haggle
AOS-BC0155 - FREND Anti Bacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel (70% Alcohol) 5 Litre Drum

FREND Hand Sanitiser Gel is a quick-drying hand gel helping keep a clean and hygenic environment, stopping the spread of germs. The 5 Litre drum is ideal for use in offices and other environments. Alcohol content 70%. Bactericidal according to EN1040, EN12054.

€39.99 + VAT Haggle
AOS-CF229901 - Cleanfast Anti-Bac Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap 5ltr

Cleanfast Anti-Bac Antibacterial Hand Soap contains an anti-microbial agent effective against gram prositive and gram negative bacteria as well as being an anti-fungal, anti-spore and an anti-viral agent. For use in hospitals, food factories, canteens, restaurants, or anywhere there may be risk of contaminations or cross-infection.

€19.99 + VAT Haggle