First Aid - Unspecified
First Aid - Unspecified
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WAC10864 - Wallace Cameron Safety Pin 1002417 (36 Pack) 4823016
Keeps slings and bandages firmly fastened. Made from strong metal for secure use. Has a safe clasp to protect from injury. Flexible point can fit through a number of layers. Allows your injuries time to heal thoroughly. Pack of 36 pins.
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WAC10930 - Wallace Cameron Instant Cold Pk3601011 3601013
Wallace Cameron Instant Cold Pack 3601013. A quick and convenient way to soothe aches and sprains. Chemically activated pack offers effective and immediate cooling. Packs are not re-usable.
€6.55 €3.49 + VAT
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SP-123360 - Collins Accident Report Book A5 Landscape 210x148mm Ref ARB2
A5 Landscape (148 x 210mm). Designed to ensure all accidents which occur in the workplace are recorded as required under EC law. Space provided for recording up to 96 separate incidents. Helps to meet mandatory requirements. Complies with current legislation.
€9.14 €9.13 + VAT
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WAC10390 - Wallace Cameron Red Micro Burns Kit 1044229
Wallace Cameron Micro Burns First Aid Kit 1044229. Micro first aid kit ideal for keeping in the kitchen or car. Contains burn gels and burn lint pads. In a plastic case that is wall-mountable.
€9.56 €4.69 + VAT
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WAC12217 - Wallace Cameron Green Micro Travel First Aid Kit 1044228
Wallace Cameron Micro Travel Kit. Micro first aid kit ideal for keeping in the car. Contains wipes dressings and plasters.
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WAC11151 - Wallace Cameron Blunt Ended Scissors 125mm 4825013
Wallace Cameron 125mm Blunt Ended Scissors 4825013 Safety pins are ideal for holding and securing bandages and dressings in place over the wound area. Blunt ended and tough cut scissors both ideal for cutting bandages and dressings.
€9.78 €3.95 + VAT
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WAC80081 - Wallace Cameron Finger Bandages White 50mm x 5m (6 Pack) 1402037
Finger bandage - a sterile non-adherent pad attached to a stretch bandage easing the use for the first aider. Roll size: 5cm x 5m.
€12.50 €5.19 + VAT
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WAC13474 - Wallace Cameron Astroplast Heavy Duty Fabric Plasters Assorted (Pack of 150) 1207001
Wallace Cameron Astroplast Heavy Duty Fabric Plasters Assorted (Pack of 150) 1207001. Keeps cuts and scrapes well covered. Material which is both breathable and durable. Absorbent Pad. Hypoallergenic Adhesive. Sterile, CE Marked. Individually Wrapped.
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HS88813 - Reliance Medical Universal Shears Small 6 Inch 813
Reliance Medical Universal Shears Small 6 Inch 813. Shears for removal of thick or strong items such as clothing, bandages and dressings. Integrated black plastic handles. Slightly serrated edges on the blades to ensure high quality cutting.
€15.86 €13.01 + VAT
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WAC10463 - Wallace Cameron No.16 Eye Pad (6 Pack) 1402043
Gentle protection to aid healing. Covers the eye to prevent infection. Comes with a comfortable bandage to keep pads in place. Lightweight dressing is comfortable to wear. Comes in an easily accessible plastic container. Pack of 6 pads.
€16.11 €8.37 + VAT
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WAC80087 - Wallace Cameron Hot/Cold Compress Reusable 3606009
Perfect for immediate use after bumps pulls and tears. Cools instantly to effectively and efficiently reduce swelling. Provides instant cold or hot pressure to the injury. Plastic outing remains clean for reuse.
€16.16 €8.37 + VAT
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WAC10460 - Wallace Cameron Triangular Bandage (Pack of 6) 1805017
Made from high quality calico. Offers support for should and arm injuries. Can be fashioned into a strong and flexible sling. Gives the injury time to heal without restricting movement. Allows easy access during treatment.
€19.22 €9.85 + VAT
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WAC04590 - Wallace Cameron Resusciade Vent Aid (Pack of 3) 5001026
Offers protection while performing CPR. Designed for life threatening situations. Covers the patients mouth during resuscitation. Comes in an easy to open plastic bag for instant retrieval. Resealable bag. Pack of 3.
€22.08 €9.85 + VAT
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WAC10936 - Wallace Cameron Wall Thermometer with Regulation Temperatures 4830007
Factory regulations wall thermometer measures room temperature and includes details of factory regulation minimum and maximum temperatures. Dimensions: L220xW90xD10 mm.
€22.61 €11.34 + VAT
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WAC10719 - Wallace Cameron First Aid Travel Pouch With FOC Bites n Stings Pack WAC10719
Contents: alcohol-free wipes gloves guidance leaflet large dressing safety pins triangular bandages washproof plasters. Comes with free mini Wallace Cameron Bites N Stings kit.
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WAC10848 - Wallace Cameron Sterile Eyewash Refill 500Ml (Pack of 2) 2404039
Wallace Cameron Sterile Eyewash Refill 500ml (Pack of 2) 2404039. Contains combined solutions for up to 10 persons. Semi-automatic opening for easy access. Compartmentalised interior. Dustproof lid. Meets the minimum Approved Code of Practice ACOP 3 (36).
€23.50 €18.80 + VAT
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HS88536 - Reliance Medical Dependaplast Washproof Plasters Assorted (100 Pack) 536
Reliance Medical Dependaplast Washproof Plasters Assorted Pack of 100 536. Moisture permeable membrane allows the skin to breathe. Made from a flexible PU plastic film with an acrylic adhesive.
€23.52 €4.20 + VAT
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HS88310 - Reliance Medical Finger Dressing Adhesive Fixing 35mm (10 Pack) 310
Reliance Medical Finger Dressing Adhesive Fixing 35mm Pack of 10 310. Low adherent pad with a soft bandage. Easy to apply. Adhesive tab to secure bandage. Offering better protection than a standard plaster.
€24.90 €5.44 + VAT
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WAC00173 - Wallace Cameron HSA 1-10 Person First Aid Refill Kit HS1AR
Wallace Cameron HSA 1-10 Person First Aid Refill Kit HS1AR. First aid kit designed for 1-10 people. HSA approved. Premium first aid offering. Ideal for topping up first aid boxes and / or medical cabinets without the need for a box.
€25.60 €16.82 + VAT
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WAC12288 - Astroplast Piccolo Home and Travel First Aid Kit 1016311
Astroplast Piccolo Home and Travel First Aid Kit 1016311. Compact and lightweight. Comes in convenient plastic case with carry handle.
€25.72 €17.97 + VAT
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WAC10040 - Wallace Cameron Assorted Wash Proof Plasters (Pack of 150) 1212020
Keeps cuts and scrapes well covered. Allows the injury time to heal. Stretchy material ensures greater flexibility. Washproof material remains unaffected by water. Strong adhesive. Suitable for minor cuts scratches and scrapes. Assorted sizes.
€26.53 €12.86 + VAT
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HS88900 - Reliance Medical Reliwash Saline Eye Wash 500ml 900
Reliance Medical Reliwash Saline Eye Wash 500ml 900. Sterile. Safe and non-toxic. Provides sterile irrigation for minor eye injuries. Mandatory for all workplaces under HSE regulations. Twist-seal cap.
€26.58 €3.21 + VAT
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SP-943296 - 5 Star Facilities First Aid Kit BSI 1-10 Refill
Containing everything you need in the event of an accident or emergency, the 5 Star™ Facilities first aid kits and refills, which include a range of bandages, dressings and plasters to help treat cuts, scrapes and other injuries are convenient and effective.
€27.26 €21.81 + VAT
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WAC10461 - Wallace Cameron Large Dressing 180x180mm (Pack of 6) 1402058
Wallace and Cameron Medium Dressings. Sterile non adherent pads with extra long fast edged conforming bandage. Size - 18cmx18cm. Shown with a selection of other dressings.
€27.48 €13.85 + VAT
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