Hahnemuehle Pads
Hahnemuehle Pads
HA-10628991 - Hand Lettering Pad 170gm | A4
The perfect surface for hand lettering enthusiasts. Highly smooth paper is suitable for brush pens fine-tip pens and pencils. Brilliant white paper can be easily scanned and then further processed digitally.  170 gsm 25 sheets Bound at top
€7.31 + VAT Haggle
HA-10650200 - Universalblock Mix Media Pad | 24 x 32cm
Suitable for a range of media including watercolour acrylic and gouache 25 Sheets per pad 310gsm Acid Free
€9.75 + VAT Haggle
HA-10628370 - Sumi-e Pad | 24 x 32cm
Highly absorbent paper Ideal for Japanese ink painting 20 Sheets per pad Cold Pressed 80gsm Acid Free
€12.19 + VAT Haggle