Edding Colour Sets
Edding Colour Sets
HA-E138 - edding 13/8S Magic Fun
Children\'s fibrepens with bullet nib and ergonomically shaped grip zone. Various colour effects can be created by going over the water-based ink with the white magic marker. The cap shows the colour created when the magic marker is used.
Set of 8 markers in colours 001-003 005 007 008 011 100.
Bullet nib.
Stroke width: Approx 3mm.
€7.31 + VAT Haggle
HA-ECH201 - edding Colour Happy 20 + 1 Set
Contains 20 edding brushpens + 1 brush pen colour mixer in a neat container.
€24.38 + VAT Haggle
HA-ECH691 - edding Colour Happy Big Box Set
Contains 69 assorted edding pens
€77.24 + VAT Haggle