Watercolour Mediums
HA-3021760 - Watercolour Medium - Blending Medium 75ml
Slows the drying of water colours allowing more time for blending.Extends working time even in hot climates.
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HA-3021762 - Watercolour Medium - Granulation Medium 75ml
This increases the granulation of colour giving a mottled appearance to colours which usually give a smooth wash (e.g. Winsor Blue) or enhancing the effect of granulating colours (e.g. French Ultramarine)
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HA-3021764 - Watercolour Medium - Iridescent Medium 75ml
This medium gives pearlescent or glitter effects to water colours and is particularly effective when mixed with transparent colours especially over dark backgrounds.
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HA-3021765 - Watercolour Medium - Lifting Preparation 75ml
Allows dry colour washes including staining colours to be easily lifted from paper with a wet brush or rag.
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HA-3021766 - Watercolour Medium - Ox Gall Liquid 75ml
A wetting agent used to improve flow when mixed directly with water colours. It can also be used on very hard sized papers to reduce surface tension.
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HA-3021767 - Watercolour Medium - Permanent Masking Medium 75ml
Use to mask specific areas of paper and make them resistant to water.
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HA-3021768 - Watercolour Medium - Texture Medium 75ml
Contains fine particles that add fine texture and can be used to give the impression of depth and structure to water colour paintings.
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HA-3019758 - Watercolour Medium - Aquapasto 60ml
A translucent gel medium that reduces flow and thickens water colours & gouache to give an impasto effect.
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HA-3039759 - Watercolour Medium - Art Masking Fluid 250ml
A pigmented liquid composed of rubber latex and pigment for masking areas of work needing protection when colour is applied in broad washes.
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