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Art and Craft Sets
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HA-4910222 - Reeves - Starter Sketching Set 13 Piece
Contains: 4 x Sketching Pencils 4 x Charcoal Sticks 2 x Blending Stumps 1 x Sandpaper Block 1 x Eraser 1 x Sharpener
€7.31 + VAT Haggle
HA-P753407 - Setasilk Discovery Set - 6 x 20ml
Fabric: Primary Yellow Magenta Iris Violet Cyan Beaver Brown Ebony
€9.75 + VAT Haggle
HA-258445E - Elements - Watercolour Brushpens
Set contains 20 vibrant brushpens (water-based) and 1 x waterbrush. Synthetic brush holds its shape and can achieve the effects of a real brush. Use alone or with included waterbrush for watercolour effect. Perfect for brush lettering calligraphy colour washes gradients watercolour effects etc.
€12.19 + VAT Haggle
HA-9781631062339 - Meditative Mandala Stones Kit
Create beautiful art and find peace of mind with Meditative Mandala Stones.
€15.50 Haggle
€20.32 + VAT Haggle
HA-E130020 - edding 1300 Tin of 20
Metal box of 20 capped colouring pens with durable fibre tips and water-based ink. Vibrant inks are great for creative writing colouring notes drawing and layouts on light-coloured paper and card.

20 vivid attractive colours.
Stroke width: Approx 2mm.
Bullet nib.
Metal box of 20 pens in colours 001-012 014-020 028.
€20.32 + VAT Haggle
HA-2302162 - Derwent Line & Wash Sketch Set
Create exciting splashes of graphite dynamic tones and dramatic lines. Presented in a stylish and practical double layer silver tin. Contents include: Graphic pencils x 6 - 4B, 2B, B, HB, H, 2H; Watersoluble Sketching pencils x 2 - 4B, HB; Waterbrush x 1; Eraser Shield x 1; Paper Stump x 1; Sharpener x; Plastic eraser x 1
€22.76 + VAT Haggle
HA-258332 - Create Junior Art Set
Contains 80 Pieces.
€26.82 + VAT Haggle
HA-258459E - Elements Mixed Media Wooden Box Set
1 x Wooden Case 12 x 12ml Acrylic Paints 12 x Coloured Pencils 12 x Oil Pastels 3 x Synthetic Brushes 1 x Wooden Manikin 1x Palette Knife 2 x Sketching Pencils 1 x Sharpener 1 x Eraser
€26.82 + VAT Haggle
€28.45 + VAT Haggle
HA-258304E - Elements Wooden Sketching Art Set
Wooden carry case with a variety of sketching tools and materials. Contains: 18 x Coloured pencils  12 x Soft pastels  7 x Sketching pencils 4 x Vine charcoal sticks  4 x Blending stumps  3 x Charcoal pencils  1 x Eraser  1 x Kneaded eraser  1 x Sharpener  1 x Sandpaper block 4.5\" Manikin.
€28.45 + VAT Haggle
HA-258334E - Elements Mixed Media Easel Set
With Acrylic Paints and Oil Pastels
€30.07 + VAT Haggle