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HA-9781782211259 - SP - How to Draw - Manga Boys
28 Easy-to-follow simple shapes and step-by
€5.99 Haggle
HA-9781782211266 - SP - How to Draw - Manga Girls
28 Easy-to-follow simple shapes and step-by-step illustrations by Yishan Li
€5.99 Haggle
HA-9781844483716 - SP - How to Draw - Fairies
Create great fairy drawings with this simple step-by
€5.99 Haggle
HA-9781633228429 - WF - Drawing Manga
With Drawing: Manga develop drawing and storytelling skills to create your own manga book! Series: How to Draw & Paint Paperback Size: 10.25 in x 13.75in
€8.99 Haggle
HA-9781782218081 - SP - Kawaii: HTD Really Cute Food
€10.50 Haggle
HA-9781782219354 - SP - 10 Step Drawing - Manga
Create beautiful Manga people and animals in 10 simple steps. Format: Paperback Number of pages: 128 Illustrations: 600 illustrations Author: Chie KutsuwadaDimensions: 164mm x 236mm
€10.50 Haggle
HA-9781633228627 - WF - You Can Draw Manga Chibis
A step-by-step guide for learning to draw basic manga chibisFormat: PaperbackNumber of pages: 96Illustrations: 175 colour illustrationsAuthor: Jeannie LeeDimensions:222.25 mm x 296.42 mm
€10.99 Haggle
HA-9781782210788 - SP - Manga Now! How to Draw Action Figures
A comprehensive guide to drawing action manga by
€11.99 Haggle
HA-9781631067174 - WF - Mini Chibi Art Class
In this highly portable mini version of Chibi Art Class renowned anime artist Yoai teaches the art of chibi step by adorable step.Format: PaperbackNumber of pages: 144Illustrations: colour illustrationsAuthor: YoaiDimensions: 150.37 mm x 187.96 mm
€12.50 Haggle
HA-9781782210764 - SP - Manga The Mega Guide
A complete course in drawing Manga by
€15.50 Haggle