Drawing Aids - Various
Drawing Aids - Various
SP-000833 - Helix Oxford Maths Set includes Various Stationery Items and Storage Tin Black Ref B43000
Includes 150mm ruler, 10mm stencil, pencil, compass, 180° protractor, 45° and 60° set squares, timetable, fact sheet, sharpener and eraser. Complete with storage tin.
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HX02430 - Helix Blue Oxford Maths Set in Tin B43000

Helix Oxford Maths Set. Traditional design tin box containing metal self-centring compass and pencil eraser sharpener 15cm/150mm rule 45 and 60 degree set square 180 degree protractor 10mm lettering stencil and timetable/fact sheet.

(Pack 5)
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HX52959 - Helix Maths Set (12 Pack) A54000

Helix maths set includes 15cm ruler 45 and 60 degree set squares 180 degree protractor self centering compass 9cm pencil sharpener eraser.

(Pack 12)
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